Turbinaire VS Model 1235 HVLP Spray System

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Turbinaire VS Model 1235 HVLP Spray System

Turbinaire Model 1235 includes a powerful three-stage turbine pumping out 110 cubic feet of air per minute at 6 pounds pressure per square inch, a 25-foot air hose with quick connect fitting, and a proprietary commercial duty aluminum spray gun with quart cup.

Model 1235 is a variable speed turbine which lets you dial down the volume of air as much as you like for spraying extremely light materials without over-atomizing, and it lets you perform delicate touch-up and detail work with complete control of delivery rate.

Turbinaire's Model 11CSX spray gun was designed and built with large, low-turbulence air passages expressly for high volume, low pressure spraying. It's a bleeder gun; when the motor is running, air is always moving through it regardless of whether or not the trigger is pulled. The spray gun is equipped with a pressure feed tube (with built in check valve) that sends a small volume of air into the quart cup, pumping your finish up to the nozzle and atomizing it gently. Standard needle & nozzle size is 1.5mm (.059"), which works well for a wide variety of medium-bodied finishes, from lacquers to enamels to waterborne acrylics and polyurethanes. Moving the air cap in or out controls the fan width from a full 6" to 10" (depending on the distance from a surface) down to as tight as 1/4", perfect for precision spraying of small parts with absolutely minimal waste.

Model 1235 weighs 28 lbs., and the motors draws 12.9 amps max. It is furnished with an extra set of air filters, a gun gasket kit & a viscosity cup. A handy laminated card lets you keep a summary of technical advice at hand in the spray area, and a thorough manual effectively guides even novice sprayers toward successful use of the system.

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