Roczo 3 1/2" x 1/4" #2 Needle Rasp

3 1/2" x 1/4" #2 Needle Rasp
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Roczo 3 1/2" x 1/4" #2 Needle Rasp

Roczo handmade, hand stitched rasps are a rare find in this cookie-cutter, mass-produced manufacturing world, which is why we are very pleased to offer our customers these European rasps from the Roczo family of Hungary. Those who haven't used a well-made hand-stitched rasp have a revelation coming. Rasps are a mainstay for sculptors, patternmakers & chairmakers, but the aggressive cut & smooth finish left by these steel works of art will endear them to anyone who works wood. They excel at wood shaping tasks requiring finesse & control, while enabling quick stock removal with no risk of tear out. With every cutting tooth “stitched” individually with a hand punch, the triangular shaped cutting teeth are carefully crafted to an optimized height, width & angular offset for each particular cutting grade & are laid down in a nearly random pattern The triangular tooth shape means that the rasp bites into the wood aggressively, & the irregular pattern prevents furrowing, thus providing a superior finish. Once you start shaping with these rasps, your plain machine made rasps may be forever relegated to the dark recesses of your tool drawer. The numbers (#) indicate grade of cut. A lower number is more aggressive. For comparison, the #3 cuts slightly finer cut than a Nicholson # 50. Rasps come with a canvas sleeve cover with grommetted hole for hanging on the wall. Sold unhandled.

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