Anant 53ED Quick-Action Bench Vise

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Anant 53ED Quick-Action Bench Vise

For many years we carried Record's excellent line of woodworker's bench vises. We were as disappointed as you when they were discontinued in 2002. We are delighted to report that Anant (whose planes we have been carrying for 2 years) purchased the tooling for Record vises and has returned them to production.

After inspection, we believe that these Indian vises live up to the reputation of their British forebears. There is no substantial difference between Anant vises and those formerly made by Record. They feature a quick-action lever under the drop handle which disengages the vise screw and permits instant adjustment to any point up to the vise's maximum capacity. The smoothness of operation afforded by this feature allows an efficient rhythm to develop for the hand tool woodworker, and will quickly establish the vise as one of the most versatile and frequently used tools in the workshop.

Heavy cast iron jaws and solid steel slide rods contribute to a vise made for lifetimes of rugged use. The jaws are toed in slightly toward the top edge to assure positive clamping under the heaviest pressure. The large opening capacity of these vises allows them to be fitted with heavy wooden jaws considerably wider than the vise itself, providing immense holding power for very large or heavy workpieces or a wide variety of shop jigs and tools.

All three sizes include built-in steel dogs. Simply extend the dog above the workbench top and use it to clamp your workpiece agaist another dog in your bench. The vises are easily mounted to practically any kind of workbench and may be used in any configuration you choose.

Jaw width: 10-1/2" Maximum opening: 14-3/4"

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