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HD24065 airHaul Nexus PRO TOTAL Product Overview The airHaul Nexus PRO™ TOTAL is an intelligent wireless backhaul radio designed for Near Line of Sight, Point-to-Point (PtP) connectivity. It enables wireless operators, service providers and enterprise network administrators to quickly deploy and extend the network. The easy to install device comes with an integrated multi-band antenna and the flexibility to use an external antenna. Operating in the license free 2.4 GHz or 5.1 to 5.8 GHz ISM and UNI-II bands, the airHaul Nexus PRO TOTAL is a scalable and reliable communication-grade solution that delivers a throughput of up to 25 Mbps and a range of up to 30 miles (50 km). The edge router features of the airHaul Nexus PRO TOTAL enable hierarchical and scalable networks while the low latency and low jitter features provide reliable delivery of delay sensitive services including Voice over IP (VoIP), high definition video and prioritized data traffic, all “converged” over a single robust wireless link. The advanced Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities of airHaul Nexus PRO TOTAL enable operators to optimize the performance and usage of the wireless link, and offer differentiated Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for each service. The solution is an ideal choice for deploying cost effective wireless backhaul links, in a closed group corporate network or as a hot standby backup link for existing architecture. Download brochure and spec sheet.

ModelHD24065 / sB3012 (airHaul Nexus PRO TOTAL; batch ID 3606 - 4606 ONLY)Date13th June 2007Firmware Download Release Notes: Fixes
  • Preamble selection is missing
  • Subnet mask not configurable
  • Radio driver showing errors in WDS mode while passing high volumeof traffic
  • Disappearing of static route
  • Memory Leak occurring for models which support remote RSSI feature
  • Radio hanging at approx 2 million second after reboot.

New Features

  • Management and Datapath VLAN support
  • Watchguard can be enabled/disabled
  • SYSLOG server can be enabled / disabled
  • Configurable Control frame rate for better IP/MAC Multicastthroughput.
Firmware Release NotesModelHD24065 / sB3012 (airHaul Nexus PRO TOTAL; batch ID 3606 - 4606 ONLY)Date19 January 2007Firmware Download Cannot associate at distances longer than 1 or 2 km distance withinternal antenna. This problem has been found to occur on batch ID 3606 - 4606. Click here for batch ID verification. Symptoms and Impact:
  • Link can't associate when doing bench tests.
  • When the devices are installed in the field (long distance) withthe same software settings, the client device cannot see the rootdevice or AP in site survey.

Solution to fix the problem: Click on the firmware download above ONLY IF THE BATCH ID IS STARTING FROM 3606 - 4606. Click here for batch ID verification. NOTE: Please do not use this firmware fix (patch) if the units are working with good RSSI. Please do not use this firmware fix (patch) on old revision (prior to 3606) units. At this moment, no fallback version is available. Installation of this firmware is at the installer's risk.

Firmware Release NotesModelHD24065 / sB3012 (airHaul Nexus PRO TOTAL)Firmware Versionv1.02.00Date19 October 2006Firmware Download Notes Fixes:
  • Site Survey is not showing correct Root device as it should
  • Fixes router cache overflow issue when used with p2papplications

New Features Added:

  • Robust flash locking in place to prevent flash corruptionduring bootup/reset
  • Automatic safe mode recovery
  • Allows RIP to be disabled / enabled
  • Allows SSID Broadcast to be disabled
  • WEP Auto mode support
  • Allows to add static routes in Bridge mode
  • ETH-A LED will blink during entire boot up sequence tosignify power is on
  • Improves radio outage detection and recovery time
  • Allows user to add VLAN management ID to mange the devicethru a VLAN
  • Provides VLAN tagging and un-tagging feature in Remote router/NAT modes.
  • Allows user to see the remote unit RSSI from Linkinstallation page
  • DFS has been implemented when the device has no WDS clients
  • Allows user to select a fixed radio transmission rate
  • Port forwarding in remote NAT mode

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