Pepwave OfficePoint 400mW, Professional Wi-Fi for in-building wireless applications.

Pepwave OfficePoint 400mW, Professional Wi-Fi for client hand-offs and in-building wireless applications. Stock # HD26423.
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Pepwave OfficePoint 400 HD26423 Introducing OfficePoint 400mW, Professional Wi-Fi for client hand-offs and in-building wireless applications. When it comes to unwiring a business, consumer grade gear just doesn't cut it. The OfficePoint gives you a solution you can rely on, and a value your budget can appreciate. With models for indoor and outdoor environments, you can have consistently great performance anywhere you need it.

Real Radio Performance, No Marketing Hype Our superior adaptive radio technology makes dead spots and interference easy to overcome. We have engineered OfficePoint to have up to 8 times the power of other solutions, and unlike other high power solutions, we give you full power on all channels so you can achieve predictable coverage over a larger area with fewer AP's. Our adaptive power intelligence dynamically responds to the environment to make sure the correct amount of power is used.AutoMesh for Cable Free Expansion With our AutoMesh technology, you can even add new AP's in areas where you don't have access to Ethernet cables. Simply set the units up with the same AutoMesh key, and they will automatically find the best path to a wired AP, making coverage expansion incredibly easy and much cheaper than having to wire each AP. Stay InControl with Centralized Tools, No Expensive Controllers Required! With our FREE InControl management system, you can easily deploy and manage countless OfficePoint APs with the simplicity of deploying one, even if they are spread amongst different locations. Simply register your devices with InControl, and you can apply configurations, firmware, and monitor your network activity; all without any expensive controllers or complicated installation. InControl has been used to manage networks with 30,000+ devices, so you can be assured it will keep your network running smooth.Security is the Bottom Line Keeping your business' information secure is critical. OfficePoint is ready to handle the latest security standards, and is equipped with unique security features to make running an enterprise network simple. With GuestProtect you can give your visitors access to the internet, without giving them access to your internal company computers and data. You can limit the amount of bandwidth available to them, and enforce application policies, all while giving your company users full priority and customized access rights. You no longer have to comprise security or flexibility with OfficePoint. Tailored Features + Seamless Integration = Real Value No other product offers so many tailored enterprise features in an affordable and simple solution. OfficePoint and InControl give your company exactly what it needs to leverage the benefits of Wi-Fi technology without the need of extra manpower. You can be up and running in minutes, and stay running with minimal effort!True Enterprise Grade Enterprise features you don't find in consumer level gear and similarly priced SMB solutions
  • Consistent radio power on all channels, other high power AP's can loose over 50% of their power on edge channels
  • Indoor and Outdoor models
  • Advanced features for future proof assurance
  • 4 SSID
  • Completely custom security per SSID (Open, WEP, WPA/WPA2 Etc.)
  • VLAN Tagging
  • QoS for high priority applications

PePWave Exclusive Features

Advanced radio technology Extensive RF Engineering for great coverage

  • Adaptive power engine: Output power is dynamically adjusted to overcome interference, or increase speeds for nearby clients
  • High sensitivity: Tuned to "hear" low power devices at far greater distances for better speed and coverage
  • True 200mW or 400mW models, consistent across all channels unlike other high power solutions

AutoMesh Secure and fast network expansion

  • 128bit AES encrypted mesh links
  • Auto route discovery for optimal performance
  • Auto healing in case of interruptions, or network changes

GuestProtect Easily allow temporary accounts that are given controlled internet access through a Guest SSID

  • Easy login screen
  • Block access to LAN (internet only)
  • Block specified Applications (FTP, Email, SSH, ICMP, etc.)
  • Custom Guest firewall rules for advanced security control
  • Complete bandwidth and QoS control
  • Website allow/block options
  • IT Free account creation and management

InControl A complete central management system for networks of all sizes

  • Free for all OfficePoint customers
  • Unified with the PePLink Balance Multi-WAN Routers
  • Control all OfficePoint features from anywhere
  • Automated setup with configuration profiles
  • Easy firmware management
  • Rich security and performance reports

Click here for WDS configuration instructions (.pdf).

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