10.2" Touch Screen Replacement For iBex FlyTouch3 Flytouch 5- FT3-Screen

iBex FlyTouch3 10.2" Touch Screen Replacement - FacePad Touch Screen
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ouch 5Note: You must select your screen model above.  1) Flytouch 3 tablet has only 1 tf card (microsd slot) and runs Android 2.2. (See Below)   2) Flytouch2 tablet has 2 tf card slots and runs Android 2.1 (WE NO LONGER SELL FLYTOUCH2 SCREENS - If you have a Flytouch2 do NOT order a Flytouch3 Screen - they are not the same) 3) The iBex Facepad has 1 tf card slot, runs android 2.2 and has a glossy black finish on back (See Below)http://www.chinagrabber.com/images/products/detail/Facepad01.jpg   Please confirm your model before ordering.    10.2 inch FlyTouch3 Touch Screen Replacement Features:Replace your broken / damaged / cracked / shattered touch screen. If you have a cracked / broken glass but the LCD still display normally and your touch screen function may or may not working properly then this is the correct replacement part.No need to pay for high repairing fee, It's a much better and cheaper solution.  Please Read this how to open Flytouch 3 Guide before opening:  http://www.apad.tv/apadforum/showthread.php?1100-How-to-Open-Flytouch-3  Note: This only fits for 10.2" FlyTouch3 OR 10.2" FacePad Tablet PC, This does not fit for ANY OTHER tablet PC

Package Including: 1 x 10.2" Touch Screen

How to Open Flytouch 3 (Do not remove the screen until reading step 4. Opening the Superpad 2 Flytouch 3 without seller's permission may invalidate warranty) To open the FT3 case: 1. Firstly remove the screw hole covers that are located on the edge by pressing gently on each one with a tool. This should cause one side of the screw covers to raise up and then you can pick them out.  2. After removing all the covers, remove all the small screws.  3. Use a thin tool to push in between the black screen and the silver outer shell. Located at regular intervals along the inside of the case are snap in clips that hold the black screen part of the tablet together. If you push gently outward on the silver casing and you are near an internal clip, you will hear it pop out of position. Use some plastic tools to slowly move along the casing, popping each clip out until the black screen unit is free to be removed. IMPORTANT! (Do not remove the screen until reading step 4 (be careful not to tear the cable connected to the screen; tearing this cable will void your warranty and destroy the touchscreen!)  4. Gently let the black screen out from the silver casing 2 inches. Observe two connecting cables. One is thicker and often covered in silver colored insulting tape. We will leave the silver cable connected. The smaller ribbon cable is copper colored. The smaller ribbon cable can be disconnected by operating the plastic clasp. Gently open the clasp by pushing each corner towards the length of cable. until both sides are raised and the copper colored thin ribbon slips easily out from the clasp. Now your FT3 is open. To replace the battery de-solder the connecting wires and then fit the new battery, and solder the new battery connection.

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