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The Miele Antares vacuum shines in Mango Red and promises to capture your heart with fantastic vacuum cleaning ability. The unit is delivered with the Miele STB205-3 Turbobrush, SBB 300-3 Parquet floor brush, standard crevice, dust brush, & furniture tool
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Product Details

For a great value in the Miele S4 Galaxy Series entry-level compact canister vacuums, you cant beat the Antares S4210. With the 1200-watt Miele Motor, and full range suction control up to 1200 watts, the Antares S4210 vacuum cleaner is powerful, lightweight, and affordable. The Miele Antares  is also equipped with a manual six-position suction control dial (located on the striking Mango Red canister), and Mieles Super Clean Air Filter. For superior air filtration, the same Active True HEPA filter used on Miele S5 and S4 series vacuums can be added to the Miele Antares vacuum cleaner.

The Antares S4210 vacuum includes two brush-heads for optimal cleaning on both hard and carpeted surfaces. The TurboBrush (STB 205-3) works best on cut pile carpet, while the Parquet Floor Brush (SBB 300-3) works best for smooth surfaces such as hard wood or tile. Other standard tools included with the Miele Antares are a natural bristle dust brush, and both a Furniture tool and Crevice tool for easier cleaning of hard to reach areas. Features such as a telescopic 41" wand with ergonomic handle, free-wheeling casters, and an extra long cord allow for easy maneuverability of the Miele Antares S4210. All Miele Galaxy Series Vacuums are fully upgradeable for HEPA filtration systems and additional floor tools.

NOTE: The S4210 S4 Galaxy Series is available in 3 models the Antares (available in Mango Red), the Carina (available in Melon Yellow), and the Capella (available in Royal Blue). The determining factor between models are Color and Floor Tool, but all share the same motor, wand, hose and suction controls.

Product Details:

Vacuum Type

Miele Antares S4210 Sealed Canister Vacuum, one of the S4 Galaxy Series of Miele vacuums

Vacuum Wand/Handle

The Antares has a height-adjustable (up to 41") telescopic wand with ergonomic handle to reach hard-to-clean areas with ease.

Vacuum Filter

Super Air Clean filter (94% effective to remove particles down to .3 microns). Upgrade to the Miele Active true HEPA filtration system is available.

Vacuum Power

1200-watt Miele Vortex Motor System capable of 141 Cubic Feet Per Minute of airflow for optimal suction and dust intake.

Standard Vacuum Tools (included)

Standard non-electric S4 Series Hose, Telescopic Wand (up to 41"), rotary dial suction control on canister face, Parquet Floor Brush (SBB 300-3)

On-board storage includes a Natural Bristle Dust Brush for more delicate cleaning, a Crevice Tool for those tight corners, and an Upholstery Nozzle for cleaning upholstered furniture.

Brush options

Standard TurboBrush (STB 205-3), 11" wide air-driven brush head (included).

Upgrade option available for Accu-Nova rechargeable Electro Brush for deep cleaning.

Vacuum Bags

3.5 quart FJM IntensiveClean Plus bag with seal flap for easy, dust-free changing and removal (2 bags supplied)

On-Board Indicators

Vacuum dust bag replacement indicator

Vacuum Maneuverability

3 free-wheeling casters on steel axles for optimum stability and ease of movement across various floor types

Other Standard Features

29.5 foot operating reach, insulated for noise reduction, retractable cord

Vacuum Finish

Mango Red

Vacuum Dimensions

19" L x 9" W x 8" H

Vacuum Weight

10.5 lbs

Miele Antares S4210 Compare the Miele S4 Series Canister Vacuums to the Miele S5 Series Canister Vacuums: S4 Galaxy Series S5 Galaxy Series Standard Parquet Tool with improved swivel design for easier cleaning around corners and tight areas x x Special noise-reducing insulation for ultra-quiet operation x x On-board dust bag indicator to alert when dust bag requires replacement x x Active HEPA filtration for elimination of dust and allergens x x Modern Euro design and features x x Powerful, easy to use suction controls (S4 Orion includes finger-tip controls on handle) on canister on handle/ wand Wands and Hoses (Electric battery-operated floor tool can be purchased separately for S4 Series) non-electric electric Dust bag capacity 3.7 quart 4.76 quart Wrap-around bumper for protection of walls, furniture and molding not available standard On-board indicator for alerting when filter requires replacement not available standard  

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