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Airzooka - Air Bazooka

NOW BACK IN STOCK !!!!! The Airzooka, air bazooka, is destined to become a classic! Airzooka has a unique hand-held system that shoots a harmless "ball of air" towards objects and people. Watch folks howl with amazement as the Airzooka, seemingly from nowhere, messes up someone's hair, ruffles shirts or just blows them away from 20 feet and can go up to 40 feet! Drive your dog or cat CRAZY!!! Aim at squirrels with your Airzooka. Best of all, the AirZooka uses no batteries, so you'll never run out of ammo.

An air bazooka, invented by Brian Walker, is a tube with a flexible plastic cover on one end, named for its appearance after the bazooka. By pulling back the cover, the person using the air bazooka draws air into the tube. When let go, pneumatic pressure snaps the cover forward, launching a massive amount of air at the target that the tube is being pointed at. The Airzooka is a great gift for kids ages 8 to 97


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