Replacement Board for DOMETIC Refrigerators Micro-P711

Refrigerator repair parts - electronics board for DOMETIC Brand Refrigerators
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Dinosaur Electronics -  Replacement Board for DOMETIC

  • 2-way or 3-way operation
  • Fuse protected
  • Variable temperature adjust for Fixed Temp refrigerators
  • CHECK light comes on after each ignition try fails to sense a flame
  • Repeats the 3-try ignition cycle at 30 minute intervals if no flame detected
  • DC element will drop out and the DC mode will light will flash in 3-ways if the voltage level falls to low for more than 10 seconds
  • 3-yr MFG warranty
Use the 3850415.01 board only to replace previously properly installed Dometic brand 3850415.01 boards; DO NOT USE 3850415.01 to replace an older DOMETIC brand black boxes of the CDS#64846 


Locate the refrigerator model under the model# column. The Dinosaur Part# is to the right. In some cases, there may be a choice between 2-way or 3-way versions. Order the corresponding number in the left column under the NTP#. Three year warranty registration card included with each board.

DE Board#: MICRO P-711 Model#: NDR 1062, NDR 1272, NDR 1282, NDR 1492, RM2551, RM2554, RM2607, RM2611, RM2612, RM2652, RM2807, RM2811, RM2812, RM2820, RM2852, RM3607, RM3662, RM3663, RM3807, RM3862, RM3863, RM4872, RM4873, RM7030, RM7031, RM7130, RM7732, RM7832, S1521, S1531, S1621, S1631, S1821, S1831

Buyer assumes all responsibility for installation / use

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