Power Supply board for NORCOLD - Dinosaur 618661 2-way PSB

Dinosaur Electronics Circuit Board for use in the following Norcold® refrigerators: 652, 662, 682, 6052, 6062, 6082, 6162, 6182, 6621M, 6821M
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AC / Gas operationMatch Norcold's® part number to Dinosaur part numberThe 618661 board can also replace the 61647422 boardit is NOT the Norcold Recall Kit BoardWorks in the following Norcold® refrigerators: 652, 662, 682, 6052, 6062, 6082, 6162, 6182, 6621M, 6821M   Norcold® Cross reference by Dinosaur ElectronicsNorcold ® Model#Dino # ControlDino # EyebrowNorcold ® Model#Dino # ControlDino # Eyebrow652 2-way (short wires)61647422616473226163 3-way (short wires)6164762261647522652 2-way (long wires)618661616473226163 3-way (long wires)61866661647522653 3-way (short wires)61647622616475226182 2-way (short wires)6164742261647322653 3-way (long wires)618666616475226182 2-way (long wires)61866161647322662 2-way (short wires)61647422616473226183 3-way (short wires)6164762261647522662 2-way (long wires)618661616473226183 3-way (long wires)61866661647522663 3-way (short wires)61647622616475226621M 2-way (short wires)6164742261647322663 3-way (long wires)618666616475226621M 2-way (long wires)61866161647322682 2-way (short wires)61647422616473226631M 3-way (short wires)6164762261647522682 2-way (long wires)618661616473226631M 3-way (long wires)61866661647522683 3-way (short wires)61647622616475226821M 2-way (short wires)6164742261647322683 3-way (long wires)618666616475226821M 2-way (long wires)618661616473226052 2-way (short wires)61647422616473226831M 3-way (short wires)61647622616475226052 2-way (long wires)618661616473226831M 3-way (long wires)618666616475226053 3-way (short wires)6164762261647522838 EG2 (2-way)*61716822*N/A6053 3-way (long wires)61866661647522838 EG3 (3-way)*61716922*N/A6062 2-way (short wires)61647422616473228310 EG2 (2-way)*61716822*N/A6062 2-way (long wires)618661616473228310 EG3 (3-way)*61716922*N/A6063 3-way (short wires)61647622616475228662 2-wayD-15711D-157126063 3-way (long wires)618666616475228663 3-wayD-15650D-156396082 2-way (short wires)61647422616473228682 2-wayD-15711D-157126082 2-way (long wires)618661616473228683 3-wayD-15650D-156396083 3-way (short wires)6164762261647522876 2-way61602722N/A6083 3-way (long wires)61866661647522876 3-way61602822N/A6162 2-way (short wires)6164742261647322878 2-way61602722N/A6162 2-way (long wires)61866161647322878 3-way61602822N/A

Norcold® Control Board#

Dino Control Board #Jumper Position6212676212XX621267621267.0016212XX6212676212686212XX621268621268.0016212XX6212686212696212XX621269621269.0016212XX6212696212706212XX621270621270.0016212XX6212706212716212XX621271621271.0016212XX6212716193536212XX6212676193606212XX6212696193616212XX621270632168.0016212XX621267618198N991218198618224N991618224618574N991618574618575N991618575618828N991618828619378N991619378 if you see a board here you need but it isn't on the website to buy, call us at 903-461-9077 or email us

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