American Roll Cover Dodge Ram 1500 5.7' Bed w/RamBox 2009-2014

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Product Details


Product Details American Roll Cover Features
  • Hard retractable cover that is custom made for your truck
  • The 8"X8" canister is the smallest available - providing great bed access
  • Double-walled aluminum panels can support up to 500+lbs
  • Automatic intermittent locking system every 12"
  • Tough black powder-coated finish
  • Easy installation - clamps on in about 2 hours
  • Minor drilling may be required on some applications
  • Optional keyless opening
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty
American Roll Cover Description

This cover is a beast. Made by Truck Covers USA, their American Roll Cover is a retractable tonneau cover that is custom made to fit your truck. Not only does this cover look great with a black powder-coated is also very functional too. The cover locks every 12" automatically so that you can haul anything with ease.

The American Roll Cover is comparable to the Pace Edwards Full Metal Jackrabbit and the Rollbak G2. All 3 are great covers, but there are a couple of benefits to the American Roll Cover. The cannister(what the cover retracts into) is the smallest of the 3, and that means you get more bed space - only losing 8" as opposed to 12". The American Roll Cover is made of double-walled 0.058" aluminum panels that can support 500+ pounds(a little better than the competition).

Installation is very basic. The cover clamps onto side rails, and minor drilling may be required for the drainage tubes on some applications. The American Roll Cover is backed by a 2 year warranty.

Weather Resistant

Drainage tubes and extra wide side rail seals improve weather resistance like none other.

Heavy Duty Clamps

Clamp on rails completely designed by Truck Covers USA. Heavy Duty metal makes for an easy installation.

Easy to Operate

The retractable cover is tension driven and expertly adjusted to allow for ease when opening and closing.


The secure locking system ensures that the cargo you leave in the truck bed will stay in the truck bed.

Locks Every 12"

More than simply open or close, the American Roll Cover automatically stops and locks every 12".

Textured Powder Coated Finish

Our textured powder coating makes our cover more scratch resistant. The special finish is designed to add strength when you work and looks when you play.

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Q. Do you have to use the key to open the cover?

A. Yes, a key is required unless you have the optional keyless entry.

Q. How does the keyless entry work?

A. This is not a remote keyless entry system, it simply adds a latch on the bottom side of the cover. To open the cover, you will first open the tailgate, and then release the latch to open the cover.

Q. Is there drilling required?

A. Yes, there is minor drilling required. The installation is clamp on, however there is drilled required to install the drainage tubes.

Q. How much room does the canister take up in the bed?

A. The canister is 8"x8", still providing you with most of your bed space.

Q. How many drainage tubes come with the cover?

A. This cover comes with FOUR drainage tubes, while most other covers only come with TWO.

Q. Does this cover improve your gas mileage?

A. Yes, tests have shown that gas mileage increases between 7-10% when equipped with a tonneau cover.


Installation of the American Roll Cover is simple. It generally takes customers a little over an hour to complete the install.

Even though installation will vary slightly depending on what truck you drive, they are all similar. The rails will clamp onto the sides of your bed, and the only part that requires minor drilling is for the drainage holes. You may want to reserve a friend when you want to install the cannister.

We have installation techs who have installed this cover before. So if you run into any problems, please give our experts a call. We'll be happy to help.

Manufacturer Info

#1 Retractable Tonneau Cover In The Industry

Not every manufacturer can say that they have the best tonneau cover on the market. It takes a unique cover, one that has more quality, strength and style than the rest of it's competitors. Truck Covers USA is one of the most well-known manufacturers in the industry and has been bringing customers satisfaction with their products for the past ten years. They didn't earn their name high in the rankings for nothing though. Truck Covers USA is most known for producing the #1 retractable tonneau cover in the world!

The American Roll Cover has been tested and approved by some of the finest fleets in the nation such as the Marine Cops, FBI, and many other Law Enforcement Agencies across the U.S. Not only has Truck Covers USA been ranked #1 for their products, but also for the customer service that they offer. When you purchase the American Roll Cover, you can rest assured that you're getting the best retractable tonneau cover in the industry and that it will come with the best customer service.

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