Earthquake MiniMe P8/W 8" 320 Watt Compact Powered Subwoofer With Passive 8" SLAP White Laquer Finish

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  • The MiniMe P8 / FF8 subwoofers have a much smaller cabinet and footprint than commonly sold products, and accommodate a tiny 8-inch driver new to the Earthquake family, providing a suprising bass response and high output unlike any other 8 in. on the market. The SLAPS patented passive radiator ensures that even this tiny area moves as a absolute piston right through the subwoofer bandwidth and beyond. Driven by our 320W Class-D amplifier, this driver can produce king-sized amounts of bass power with absolute control - enough for most large high-end projects.
  • All-inclusive controls are provided so that the subwoofer can be integrated seamlessly into either a multi-channel or 2-channel installation. Also the MiniMe FF8 allows users/custom installers to get flexible with its front firing stance. Providing a unit that is sealed without a passive radiator makes the product very easy to install in cabinets or custom projects.
  • Built in 320-Watt, high efficiency digital amplifier
  • Long throw, premium quality drivers
  • Convenient compact size
  • Automatic signal-sensing turn-on and stand-by mode
  • Perfect for all sub applications
  • Operation status LEDs
  • SLAPS Patented Passive radiator technology unit or Front Fring sealed units
  • RCA & high level inputs
  • Selective variable crossover
  • Input Sensitivity Full Output: 240mVrms from left input with volume control at max, 90mVrms with volume control fully clockwise and both RCAs used
  • Frequency Adjustment: 50Hz - 160Hz Phase Shift: 0-180 High Cut
  • Filter: 35Hz-100Hz Output Levels: Greater than 108dB peak SPL (includes room gain) from 25Hz to 90Hz
  • Sub Operation Switch: In LFE position, the frequency adjustment becomes disabled and the subwoofer runs in a Full range mode, from 20Hz - 2kHz. While in Sub position the subwoofer reverts to the manual frequency adjustment, allowing the user to operate and fine tune the subwoofer
  • Features
  • Built in 320-Watt, high efficiency amplifier
  • Volume control
  • Operation status LEDs
  • 50Hz - 160Hz Freq. adjustment
  • 0 - 180 Phase Shift adjustment
  • High Level inputs
  • Bypassed High Level output
  • Specification
  • Amplifier Output 160 Watts RMS (4.6-Ohm impedance)
  • High Cut Filter
  • 35Hz 100Hz adjustable. The crossover can be bypassed by rotating the crossover frequency control fully clockwise.
  • Frequency Response 25Hz 160Hz
  • Power Line Voltage 110-120C~AC / 60Hz / 180 WATTS
  • Dimensions (HxWxD)
  • 10-1/4 x 9-3/4 x 11-3/8 260.4mm x 247.7mm x 289m
  • Weight 16.46Lbs
  • Finish Piano Black
  • Output Levels
  • Greater than 108dB peak SPL (includes room gain) from 25Hz to 90Hz.
  • Input Sensitivity For Full Output
  • 240mVrms from left input with volume control at 0dB, 90mVrms with volume control fully clockwise.
  • Input Impedance
  • 8.2 kilo-Ohm Line-level inputs
  • 32-Ohm Speaker-level inputs
  • Driver
  • 8 high-power with extra large magnet and long throw mechanical design yield very high back emf. The result is extraordinarily high operating efficiency that is, more acoustic output for each watt of input.
  • Internal System Gain
  • 42dB from left input jack to speaker with the Bass Level control at 0dB, 54dB with the control fully clockwise.
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