CDT Audio DRT-26 1" Silk modular tweeter system W/LP-1 add $10.00

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Product Details

  • The DRT-26 1 Modular Quick Removable Tweeter design
  • Free yourself of fixed restrictions and introduce the possibility of choice of taste into your life.
  • Technical specs and contents:
  • 1pr 1 modular tweeter driver neo charged magnet structure (aluminum silk -titanium optional flavors)
  • 1 pr flush mount housing w/hardware
  • 1 pr angled flush mount ring
  • 1 pr flat surface mount cup 1 pr angled surface mount cup
  • Frequency response 1500Hz-21.000Hz
  • Impedance 4 Ohm
  • Sensitivity: 92dB
  • Flush mount hole 1 10/16
  • Flush mount depth
  • Flush cup OD 2
  • The Modular Removable Tweeter Characteristics: The three modular Tweeters are provided with special mounting options for installation in doors, on the dash and the A-Pillar area. These are available in any or all of three types:
  • Silk
  • Aluminum
  • Titanium
  • Heres how it works. You change the Tweeter driver from silk to aluminum to titanium, what ever flavor you choose with the quick- connect patented design. Now you have introduced the possibility of choice of taste into your musical life. Each type has slightly different qualities. All are virtuous but there is a different emphasis. The Silk dome is the smoothest. Always gentle and forgiving, this Tweeter emphasizes the music and avoids noise and artifacts that may embed some source material or be characteristic of less than perfect amplifiers. Very low listening fatigue and an easy quality that puts an emphasis on the systems midrange.
  • The Aluminum is more aggressive at retrieving fine detail. Cleaner and more revealing than the silk but more critical also. The lower end (in a Tweeter) is perhaps the lowest in distortion. The all-around choice. The Titanium is the speed demon. For those who demand the maximum air and energy the Titanium takes the top end into the violet. Very critical and revealing of high end details. The trio may be snapped into the same housing for an instant A-B. Free yourself of fixed restrictions and introduce the possibility of choice into your life.
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