TCI MAST (Modular Antenna System - Tactical) Antenna Relocation Kit (M.A.S.T.)

TCI M.A.S.T. allows operators to mount small tactical radios (MBITR AN/PRC-148, RF-5800 Falcon II, AN/PRC-152, Motorola XTS, XPR, TRBO and APX7000 Series, and PRR, Astro Saber, Kenwood models) improving radio range and ergonomics
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  • M.A.S.T. Version-2, 42" Cable Length with Coyote Harness now has a NSN assigned - 6145-01-584-1657
  • M.A.S.T. Version-2, 24" Cable Length with Foliage Green Harness now has a NSN assigned - 6145-01-608-5629
  • M.A.S.T. Version-2R, 24" Cable Length with Coyote Tan Harness now has a NSN assigned - 6145-01-623-1989 
  • M.A.S.T. Version-4DOJ Now Available with 24 Inch Cable 
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TCI M.A.S.T. allows operators to mount small tactical radios (MBITR AN/PRC-148, RF-7800, RF-5800 Falcon II, AN/PRC-152, Motorola HT1000, PRC-153, XTS, XPR, TRBO and APX6000/7000 Series, PRR, Astro Saber and specified Kenwood Models) on their torso or sides of their kit while leaving the antenna high on their back to achieve maximum L.O.S. (Line of sight) with other radios drastically improving communications. While optimal communications is always a benefit to any operation the real benefit lies in the fact that the antenna is no longer in a position to potentially interfere with the shooters weapons placement, manual dexterity or peripheral vision. Whether you are trying to place a charge, treat a casualty, or lying in the prone, the M.A.S.T. ensures that the antenna will be well out of your way while affording you the best possible communications. Word to the wise...TCI does not recommend trying to make your own variation of MAST.  We utilize advanced manufacturing techniques and machines to provide the durability needed for this kind of application.  We have also studied the issue in depth and the result is impedance matched and frequency optimized cable lengths.  You cannot get the same axial strength at the connector by building these cables by hand.  Think of it like this - Audio cables provide you will immediate feedback letting you know there has been a failure.  The microphone, PTT or headset stops producing or receiving audio.  RF cables provide no indication they have failed besides an immediate loss in transmit range or loss of comms all together.  When this happens, you may not be able to easily problem solve the issue if it occurs at a critical time. We occasionally read postings on various web forums offering advice or over simplifying the process of making RF cables.  Plus,  with MAST, you get a complete kit including the MAST cable of your choosing, MALICE Clip and  Universal Antenna Harness.  For the money, you cannot go wrong. A loyal customer from a foreign military unit recently stated, "I've been tasked with finding a suitable alternative to the current MBITR antenna extension my unit is currently fielding. This is due to weakness in the current crimping of the TNC connectors and inconsistent manufacturing. I've been operating a M.A.S.T. since 2006 and have had no issues with it." M.A.S.T. VERSIONS
  • M.A.S.T. VERSION-1 (FIXED CABLE SYSTEM) - MBITR / JEM / PRC-152 Connections: >> TNC Male to TNC Female
  • M.A.S.T. VERSION-2 (QUICK DISCONNECT SYSTEM Straight) - MBITR / JEM / PRC-152 Connections: >> TNC Female to BCN Male (includes BNC Female to TNC Male (STRAIGHT) QD AdapterM.A.S.T. VERSION-2 (QUICK DISCONNECT SYSTEM 90 Degree) - MBITR / JEM / PRC-152 Connections: >> TNC Female to BCN Male (includes BNC Female to TNC Male (90 DEGREE) QD Adapter
  • M.A.S.T. VERSION-3 (SATCOM) - Connections: >> BNC Male to BCN Male
  • M.A.S.T. VERSION-4 (FIXED CABLE SYSTEM) MOTOROLA PRC-153 / HT1000 / XTS3000 XTS5000 / TRBO / APX6000 & 7000 Series / PRR / EZPRR / Astro Saber (not conventional Saber) Connections: >> SMA Male to SMA Female
  • M.A.S.T. VERSION-4 (FIXED CABLE SYSTEM) KENWOOD NX200, NX300, TK190, TK480, 481, TK290, 390, TK280, 380 TK2140, 3140, TK2180, 3180 TK5400, TK5210 Connections: >> SMA Male to SMA Female
  • M.A.S.T. VERSION-4DOJ (QUICK DISCONNECT SYSTEM) MOTOROLA PRC-153 / HT1000 / XTS3000 XTS5000 / TRBO / APX6000 & 7000 Series / PRR / EZPRR / Astro Saber (not conventional Saber, Saber I or Saber II) Connections: >> SMA Male to SMA Female with QUICK DISCONNECT (STRAIGHT) Adapter
  • Harness Colors: Coyote Tan, Foliage Green, Black and OD Green
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M.A.S.T. Kits also include an adjustable, Molle compatible, universal nylon antenna harness (made in the USA exclusively for TCI) and long MALICE Clip from Tactical Tailor. PLEASE NOTE: M.A.S.T. Kits do not include radio antennas and are not designed for or compatible with all radio models! NSN Info: Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) is responsible for issuing NSN's for items sough-after by members of DoD. Please encourage your supply department to contact their DLA representative to obtain a NSN for this item. Once NSN's have been issued, we will post the NSN's on our website for future use.

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