SM-909-NHW-18 3/4 Laing Circulation Pump Replacement, 230/240 Volt.

Laing SM-909-NHW-18 3/4 is obsolete. Replaces Sundance 240 Volt Circ Pump 6500-035. The above pics are for reference only. Click More Info for new Pump pictures. New model is: E10-NSHNDNN2W-01. Also replaces Laing pump: 6496.9, 6602.9, 6437, 6602.8
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Laing SM-909-NHW-18 3/4 (Obsolete) New part number and design will be sent: E10-NSHNDNN2W-01 Replaces Sundance 6500-035 This pump SM-909-NHW-18 3/4  is OBSOLETE and is no longer available from Laing. Sundance, Jacuzzi and other spa manufacturers uses newer Laing Pumps. The current pump made by Laing for Sundance, Jacuzzi and other manufacturers come with a metal base and metal housing is the pump (as pictured above) that you will receive. Pictured also is the older style Laing pumps used (for reference), they once used a red body and then a black body on the pump. 

Part numbers used by Laing/Sundance/Jacuzzi and other Spa Manufacturers: SM-909-NHW-18 3/4, 6500-035, 6000-125, E10-NSHNNN2W-20, E10-NSHN2W20, 7384.1, 6602.8, 6602.9,  E10-NSHNDNN2W-01

Check out our Facebook for installation hints: Follow on Facebook E10-NSHNDNN2W-01, Laing Pump, 230/ 240 Volt 3/4 inch barbed connection.Laing part #E10-NSHNDNN2W-01.We carry the latest design with the Metal housing. We now offer the Laing E-10 Circulation Pump as a replacement (previous pump is obsolete). This pump uses 40% less energy and runs 40% cooler than previous models. It also includes a smart "chip" in the motor that gradually increases rpm at power up that minimizes impeller cavitation and ensures "air lock" free startups. This cycle will repeat up to 10 times until "prime" is established. If prime is not established, the pump will shut down and require manual restart (turn power to spa off and back on). This pump is also a direct retrofit for older Spa such as Sundance, Jacuzzi and other Spa Manufacturers that use a  240VAC Laing Circulation Pumps with 3/4 inch barbed fittings. This pump replaces old part numbers used by Sundance, Jacuzzi and other Manufacturers: 6000-125, 6500-035, SM-909-NHW-18 3/4,SM-909-NH-18*Comes with Metal Base and a Metal Housing. This pump must use a bonding wire to the system as an external ground. This Pump is used on the following Sundance® Spas: A. Mid 2009+ 680 Burlington, Hartford, and Hawthorne equipped with a Circ Pump  B. Mid 2009+ 780 Hamilton, Chelsee, Certa and Camden  C. 2008+ 680 Burlington, Hartford, and Hawthorne equipped with a circ pump  D. 2007 680 Hartford and Hawthorne equipped with a circ pump  E. 2007+ 780 Hamilton, Chelsee, Certa and Camden  F. 2006 Palermo, Bahia and Cayman  G. All 2005 780 Series spas  H. All 2003-2004 Sweetwater models (Except Lagunas)  I. All 1997+ North American/Export 800, 850 Series PermaClear Systems (Except 2005+ 880 Series Models)J. Replaces part number 6500-035 , SM-909-NHW-18 3/4The Pump is used on the following Jacuzzi® Spas:2002+ Jacuzzi J-300 Circulation Pump 240V 50/60 Hz with Cord 6000-125 is for all Jacuzzi J-300 240 Volt Models. Use the connector from the old circulation pump because the new pump does not come with a connector.Replaces the following:  SM909NH-14 3/4" Barb 230Volt  SM909NHW-14 3/4" Barb 230Volt  SM909NH-18 3/4" Barb 230Volt  SM909NHW-18 3/4" Barb 230Volt  SM909-NH-26 3/4" Barb 230Volt  SM909NHW-26 3/4" Barb 230Volt  SM959NHW-26 3/4" Barb 230/50Volt  SM1212-NH-26 3/4" Barb 230Volt E10-NSHNSW-20Sundance part number: 6000-125PLEASE NOTE: This pump is a 230/240 Volt Pump, the wires that come with the pump is white, black and green, the white and black are the 2 hot leads with the green as a Ground. Do not confuse this pump for a 120 Volt version!This Pump can be returned for warranty only! Please Read our Return Policy:*FREE Standard Ground Shipping on this item, with a $4.95 handling fee on all orders (Contiguous U.S. Only)See our Shipping Policy.  Additional Information For More Sundance Pumps, Click Here! *We ship select Sundance parts with FREE GROUND SHIPPING with a $4.95 handling fee on all orders. ( Contiguous U.S. only). Please see our Shipping Policy * Sealless/Leakproof Design * Whisper Quiet (less than 30 dbs.) * Medium Capacity/High Head Performance * Rated for temperatures to 140 degree F and line pressures to 50 PSI * Requires only 65 watts of power * Dry run cutout provided on pumps Material of Wetted Parts: * Noryl Housing, UL Listed * 316 Stainless Steel Rotor and Separating Wall * Noryl Impeller * Ceramic Bearing Ball * Carbon Graphite Bearing Cap * EPDM O-Ring Laing 1/20hp SM909 Circ 240V 570gph 3/4" x 3/4" barbed inlet and outlet, 70 Watts .48 Amps, 570 gph, Cross Reference 242059800, LAISM909NH26/240V, SM909NH-240,Laing part number 6496.9, 6602.8, 6437, 69210,6500-035, 6000-125, Permaclear, sundance circulation pump, sm-909-nhw-18, SM909NHW18 3/4, 6500035, 6496.9, 6602.9, 6437, sm-909-nhw-18 3/4 Used on: A.H. Equip/LA Spas, Krevco LTD, Santa Barbara Spas, Sundance, Jacuzzi   Additional Information For All Sundance Circulation Pumps, Click Here!Please see front page for details on our Low Price Guarantee!

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