PS-200 Pump Seal, 5/8 inch size

Shaft Seal PS-200, 5/8" Shaft Size. Click for MORE INFO for Applications.
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Shaft Seal PS-200, 5/8" Shaft Size PS-200 Pump Seal for 5/8 inch shaft diameter for spa, pool and other pumps. 

Cross Reference Guide for this Replacement Seal:

ManufacturerPump ModelMfg. NumberA-C PumpModel C1 Close Coupled Pumps Types: CR, DDH, DG, DGH, HH, HHS, R, RH, RHS, RS, WH52-104-969-803, 52-104-969-813, 52-104-969-823 Advance 6C-200Aermotor Pumps SJ-45Aladdin AS-200American Machine & Tool MS-626V Aqua-FloCirc-Master92500151 Dominator Hi Head92500150 Dominator Med Head92500150 Flo-Master92500150 Pond-Flo92500151 Tub-Master92500150 FMHP92509020ArnesonPool SweepA-8Ampro 606-78Astral PoolSena1800 SeriesBaker Hydro 35B1178, 634016Bell & Gossett (ITT) 18001 BerkeleyNew Style Mid-Jet S4 Models: HS, CIMPS, CIMPHS, CIXPS, CIXPRS, C1-1/4MPS, B1-1/2APKS, D1-1/2MPKS S-08019, S-20790 Burks Pumps 17038 Carter Pumps 1S-5005A, 1S-5054 Carver Pump Co.B20-1, B1-2-1-1/4  C-B Tool / Lancaster 2661CH & E Mfg. W105-7Champion Industries 106467Chicago Pump / Yeomans 2658090 Crane-Deming4910-63, 4357, 4358  Dempster Industries 907-06030 Dixie Pump  Domestic Pump (ITT) 180013 Doughboy 306-1006Dresser Industries 125-101/113-1 East Side Mfg.  Everite 2544Fairbanks MorseModels: H, HC, HV 82723, 82470-75 Franklin Electric / Little Giant / Monarch 106196105 Franklin Pump / Jacuzzi 10000206 General Pump  Georgia Pacific Pump  GG Industries P-M0388 Gorman-Rupp S756, S1531 Hall Scott  HaywardCast IronSPX1250XZ2, SPX1250XZ2C Max-Flo IISPX2700SAHomelite 62729 Hydromatic Pump 00083-000, 00083-001, 14525A010Ingersoll-Dresser CPM-6252C1, CPM-6258C1 JacuzziCygnet10-0002-06 A, J, JCM Series10-0002-06 K, KM Series10-0002-06 LCM Series10-1436-00 LCU Series10-1436-00 LR Series10-0002-06 Pirahna  Vector (LVL)10-0002-06KencoModel 139A New Style  Lancaster Pump 2661 Letro A08Luitweiler  Metal Master  Monarch Pumps 240160 Moyno  Myers, FE10840A1, A2, A3 14525A000, 1425A010, 16275APurex / Hydrotech / Pac-Fab / PentairChallenger354545 Dynamite354545 Dynamo354545 Dynatron354545 Pinnacle354545Pacific Pumping SL-7101, SL-7741, K102-1, 91909744Peabody-BarnesComet, Rocket Econo, 25,31,33,35,48,49,50,52,102DM, 740DM11397-12839, 12703Peerless 2658090Rice 21-024Romar Filter 618-001Scot Pump / Ardox 101.000.340Sherwood Brass 10159Shetler Pump  Simmons PumpModel 6 Speck Pumps 2920060603, 60603-200Sta-Rite IndustriesDura-Glas PE, PEA, P2R, P2RA17304-0100 Max-E-Glas PE, PEA, P2R, P2RA17304-0100 Super Max354545 SSterling Fluid Systems 1181377 000Stevens Pump 16-062-03Taco Inc. 172-009, 172-017Teel Pump 1R312, 5P405, 5P406US Seal PS-200Wayne CombustionSeries SJ-CJX15559 / 56104White  WorthingtonModel 1-1/40CS-5, 1-1/4OM-5043008-00Other PS200, AS200, VG-200, VG200, 35-4545, 10-1436-00

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