Dive Rite Single Zip Pocket

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FeaturesWarranty & Registration Dive Rite Zip Pocket Features

  • PVC coated nylon mesh divider organizes accessories, while drying quickly.
  • Two-inch (50 mm) nylon webbing loops on the back of the pocket slide over a standard 2-inch webbing waist strap and secure the pocket into place.
  • 8-inches high x 6-inches wide (20.3 cm x 15 cm).
  • 3 oz (85 grams).
Dive Rite Warranty & Gear Registration

Warranty coverage for Dive Rite products will only apply to products accompanied by original purchase receipts from an authorized Dive Rite dealer. Register your new Dive Rite gear purchase through their website so that they can notify you about product upgrades, care and maintenance issues as well as general Dive Rite gear information.

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