Zoology - Reproduction in Invertebrates - 15 Slides

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Reproduction is the mainspring of life. It's one of the two main activities that characterize the livings; to get the food to survive and to reproduce, in order to propagate the species. Here is a series of slides that, starting with the simplest to the most complex invertebrates, will show you a panorama on the ways of reproduction of animals. Amphioxus, inserted into this series, is not properly an invertebrate, but represents the simplest animal with a "dorsal corda", the organ that will become the vertebral column of vertebrates. What an amazing set of slides!

You get 15 prepared slides and 5 blank ones that come in a sturdy and cool looking wooden case. Plus, it's in 8 languages; English, Italian, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Greek!

1. Paramecium, various stages of conjugation 2. Hydra with bud w.m. 3. Hydra testis w.m. 4. Hydra ovary w.m. 5. Sheep tenia (Moniezia) w.m. 6. Schistosoma japonicum, male and female in copula 7. Ascaris XS of male in region of sex organs 8. Ascaris XS of female in region of sex organs 9. Ascaris female; uterus with differently developed embryos, w.m. 10. Cyclops w.m. with egg sacs 11. Honey Bee (Apis mellifica), ovary of the queen, w.m. 12. Testis of Locusta migratoria, XS 13. Grasshopper sec of testis showing mitosis 14. Sea urchin developing eggs with divisions, w.m. 15. Amphioxus XS through male ad female specimens in region of gonads

w.m. = whole mount, XS = cross section

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