Volcano Making Kit!

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Did you know that deep inside the Earth's crust, the temperature is as high as 3000 degrees Celcius? Rock melts to form magma under this high temperature and when magma erupts through the Earth's surface it is called lava. The place where this eruption takes place is a volcano. Look for more fun facts included in this amazing geology science kit by 4M Kidz Labs! Make a 9.5 cm tall solid volcano, paint and decorate it, then erupt it with a bubbly fizzy lava eruption. It's an awesome educational toy and a cool desktop decoration that will amaze your friends and family. Put baking soda and vinegar into the "crater" and perform an amazing eruption. The eruption could perform repeatedly and the fun is unlimited!

Science Kit includes: 1 volcano mould (2 parts), 2 fine quality plaster mix, 1 paint strip of 6 colors, 1 brush, 1 stirrer, 1 fun graphic boards for decoration, 1 molding and painting instructions with volcanic scene, baking soda (enough for 1 or 2 eruptions only), fun facts and recipe for eruption. Vinegar is required to perform the eruption, not included in this kit.

Instructions are in English, German, Dutch, Italian, and Spanish!

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