Botany - Hepaticae, Mosses, Pteridophytae, and Gymnosperms - 25 Slides

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These 25 slides present plants that have, from an evolutionarily point of view, the conifera (Gemnospermae). They are all very ancient plants, that inhabited the Earth way before man and superior animals did. Gingko, for example, is a true living fossil. This is a super cool slide set!

You get 25 prepared slides that come in a sturdy and cool looking wooden case. Plus, it's in 8 languages; English, Italian, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Greek!

1. Marchantia polymorpha, sec. of thallus 2. Marchantia, sec. with archegonia 3. Marchantia, sec. with antheridia 4. Spore of Equisetum arvense (show elater) wm 5. Moss, LS of anteridial cluster 6. Microsporange of Selenginell LS 7. Moss, protonema wm 8. Epiphyte fern (Platycerium) 9. Fern, sec. of leaf 10. Fern XS of rhizome 11. Fern protallium of young specimen with antheridia 12. Fern protallium of mature specimen with archegonia 13. Gemma of Marchantia wm 14. Archyblast of Chara wm 15. Gingko XS of leaf and petiole 16. Pinus XS of leaf 17. Pinus first year stem 18. Pinus, mature wood sec rad 19. Pinus, mature wood sec tang 20. Pinus, sec of young strobilus showing meiosis 21. Pinus, median LS of male strobilus 22. Pinus, XS of male strobilus with microspore 23. Pinus, w.m. of pollen grains 24. Pinus LS of young female cone with bracts and ovules 25. Fir tree, leaf tip

w.m. = whole mount, XS = cross section, LS = longitudinal section

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