Botany - Angiospermae, Dicotyledons (Magnoliopsidae) - 25 Slides

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These 25 slides present the great group of Angiospermae comprehend, besides the Monocotyledons, the Diotyledons too, today more properly named Magnoliopsidae. Discover all the wonderful shapes and geometrical proportions! Not accidentally, many artists have taken examples of these shapes and geometries for their works. Double awesome!

You get 25 prepared slides that come in a sturdy and cool looking wooden case. Plus, it's in 8 languages; English, Italian, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Greek!

1. Vicia root tip with mitosis 2. Pelargonium XS young stem 3. Pelargonium XS of leaf 4. Helianthus XS mature root 5. Helianthus stem LS 6. Cuscuta, dodder on host 7. Ficus rubber plant XS leaf 8. Ipomoea sweat potato XS 9. Capsella LS embryo with cotyledons 10. Capsella sec develop flower 11. Ranunculus XS young root 12. Daucus carota XS 13. Cucurbita, pumpkin XS 14. Cucurbita, pumpkin LS 15. Cotton leaf XS 16. Ricinus, castor bean, XS 17. Pittosporum XS of typical dicot leaf 18. Miryophyllum XS of aquatic stem 19. Nymphaea, water lily, XS of aquatic stem 20. Solanum, irish potato, XS of mature tuber with starch granules 21. Tilia one year stem XS 22. Nerium, leaf XS 23. Nicotiana XS of leaf 24. Salix willow XS stem 25. Sambucus elder, bark with lenticels

w.m. = whole mount, XS = cross section, LS = longitudinal section

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