Animals and plants damaged by the environment - 10 Slides

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The environment acts on living beings by modifying very slowly their general features and behavior, or much more rapidly and often wildly, by causing alterations and damage, frequently disease if not death. If the environment is rich in toxic chemical substances found in the air or ground, plants and animals can feel the effects, for example the slide of a lung damages as a man breaths in coal dust. You will observe the skin of a fish exposed to chemical waste, and much more!

You get 10 prepared slides, 10 blank slides, and they come in a sturdy and cool looking wooden case. Plus, it's in 8 languages; English, Italian, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Greek!

1. Plant parts infested with plant lice t.s. 2. Damaged leaves t.s. destroyed epidermis. 3. Damaged needles of conifers t.s. 4. Plant stem, damaged by the game t.s. 5. Wood destroyed by fungus. 6. Skin of fish t.s. injured by chemicals. 7. Skin ulcer of an amphib t.s. 8. Human lung with coal dust t.s. 9. goiter caused by deficiency of iodine. 10. Gall nut caused by lice t.s.

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