Custom Molded Running Boards- Volvo XC-90 2004-2007

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High Quality OEM Factory Look Running Boards


Style/Appearance - The factory look at a fraction of the cost.Material/Corrosion Resistance - The boards are made from Thermoplastic ABS Plastic material.Step Area/Traction - The texture of the board offers great grip so a step tread is not necessary.Package - Includes Both sides and Vehicle Specific BracketsInstallation - Install yourself with basic tools in about 1 hourWarranty - The boards are covered by a manufacturer 3 year warranty.Weight Capacity - 250 lbs before flexing (most vehicles) 300 lbs before bendingValue for your $$ - These are half the cost of the same style boards from the dealer.

Our Comments

People just don't like paying $600 or $700 for running boards at the dealership so we came up with a solution.  We bought the original equipment factory running boards from the manufacturer and sent them off to a couple of our US suppliers to duplicate them as close as possible.  All boards mount to the factory holes and carry the same warranty as the vehicle you are putting them on.  This process has been so successful we have an enormous group of dealerships that buy from us also.  As always, everybody deserves and gets our best price whether you are buying for your truck or 50 sets for your dealership.  Please call us if you have any additional questions 1-877-374-8229.

Thank you for shopping    Stuart Compton, President          

Saved Lot's Of Cash Joe Thomson (Texas)6/6/08 3:26 PMMy new Acadia is really nice.  We wanted to add some steps to get in and out.  The dealer didn't even have any boards,  He said they would be ofering them in the next 30 days or so.  My wife was online and found your site with the factory style boards.  These looked just like the factory board pictures the dealer showed me and they were half the cost.  They arrived in about a week. I put them on myself.  These look really good.  I'll definatley show my dealer.  Thanks running board warehouse for a great product and fast delivery. Factory look, these boards are great! (Unknown)6/1/08 7:21 AMThese look like a bought them right from Toyota.  I had to drive my truck up to the dealer lot just to see the difference.  They do look a little different when you look at the both next to each other.  The dealer guys agreed.  If I didn't tell them, they'd a thought my truck had them when a bought it off the lot.  A factory look at a fraction the cost and know one will know. THESE ARE HOT... (Ohio)4/16/08 12:26 PMI run the parts department at Ford dealer.  I'll leave the name out so I don't grt in trouble.  I order a lot of parts from a least 100 different vendor.  The people at RBW have been selling us boards at a very good price for the last 2 years.  These new factory style boards for the escape are really moving.  We sell at least 1 a week.  The customer love em!  These guys have great service, know their products and with shipping confirmation of the delivery date.  I  know I wont have to reschedule my customers for service.   BEST CUSTOMER Bill (Unknown)2/15/08 6:03 PMI bought these for my new Explorer. For every one time I had to place a call out to these guys for questions or help they were always a great help.  Looking into things in which most others would not do and never forget to call you back if some one states they will call you back. Best part of buying from here is the Customer Service!! People need to realize without good customer service like this company, a product even for free isnt worth taken!!   

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