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She didn’t just fall off of the turnip truck!  Turleen is a sophisticated and patriotic American and a model working mother.  After hours of hard work gathering carts at the Honk & Holler and waitressing at the elegant Bowlarama, she still finds time to spend quality time with her kids. With seven children and one on the way, she recently won the Mother of the Year Award from the Pink Flamingo Trailer Park Homeowners Association!  This special trophy sits proudly on the kitchen window sill in her luxurious double-wide next to her six first place Little Miss Guzzler Awards from the county fair!  Yes this honey has grown up!  She’s got a bun in the oven and she’s ready to hit the town!  Just push her belly button and Trash Talkin’ Turleen will share some pearls of wisdom with the sophistication and style that makes her family and third grade teacher proud.   Beware she talks some serious trash! DIRECTIONS: To turn on your doll (do not take this literally), pull up the back of her leather jacket where you will find a clear plastic strip exiting the slot on her back as diagramed.  Pull the strip out completely to engage the batteries and power up your new friend.  Beware, she loves talk trash!  If she ever becomes speechless (hard to imagine!) use a small screwdriver and open the compartment to replace the micro cell batteries. We recommend four alkaline button cell batteries (L1154) which can be found at leading electronics and camera stores in your area.

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Trash Talkin Turleen rules the trailer!

I got this doll as a birthday present from my sister back in 2006..and I haven't stopped laughing yet!!

Reviewed by:
Christine Shelley @ 3/26/2011 11:51 AM
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