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Please see the new 5 oz Essential Liposomal Glutathione 4oz bottles have been replaced with the new 5oz bottle 25% more free! Essential GSH  is a breakthrough liquid formulation uniquely designed to increase the systemic bioavailability of glutathione, via a liposomal-based delivery. This unique formulation contains a pharmaceutical grade glutathione with essential phospholipids, while containing no alcohol or glycerine. Glutathione is a peptide and an anti-oxidant naturally produced in the body.  It is important to good health and long life. Levels may drop as a result of oxidative stress due to disease, drugs, aging, toxic chemicals, inflammation, and stress in general. Adequate levels of glutathione are necessary to provide important antioxidant protection needed by the cells, to help eliminate toxic metabolic waste products and to support the immune system. What is a Liposome? Derived from lecithin, a liposome is a microscopic fluid-filled pouch with walls identical to the phospholipids that make up the human cell membranes. The outer wall of the liposome is fat solublewhile the inside is water-soluble. This combination enables liposomes to be readily absorbed, allowing for systemic availability of the water-soluble materials that would otherwise not be absorbed into the body. The administering of therapeutic compounds via liposomal technology has been effective in many areas.  L2 cells were exposed to 2.5% Essential GSH and intracellular glutathione was measured after 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, and 4 hours. Intracellular glutathione content was measured via the spectrophotometric recycling assay, normalized to total cellular protein. Results clearly indicate that intracellular glutathione levels increased after exposure to Essential GSH, peaking at 2 hours with over a 2-fold increase. The transient action of the increased glutathione remains unknown, although repression of the endogenous glutamate-cysteine ligase (GCL) enzyme through GSH-feedback inhibition may be a likely reason.

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