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Tenergy 3 in 1 Voltage and Watt Meter
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Tenergy 3 in 1 Voltage and Watt Meter is a very sophisticated electronic device that controlled by high performance microprocessor and precise resistors. It has three functions of 'watt-meter', 'battery checker' and self-balancer. Those functions are essential for electric flyers to ensure safe battery condition and to measure the electric consumptions of the power system. And also, the built-in self-balancer can equalize the individual voltages instantly.

Tenergy 3 in 1 Voltage and Watt Meter can handle all types of Lithium batteries (LiPo, Lilo , liFe) consisting of series-wired cells, but the battery pack has to have a balancing plug for checking voltages.

• Watt-meter program The Watt-meter circuit can measure the electric current up to 100A. You can verify the electric consumptions on your power system.

• Battery checker Tenergy 2 in 1 Voltage and Watt meter can show you the voltage and residual capacity of your Lithium battery pack with its individual voltage of each cells.

• Integrated self-balancer Tenergy 2 in 1 Voltage and Watt Meter has  an  integrated  self-balancing  circuit which  is  self-operative without linking to charger. When  you  connect the battery pack to the individual port of the device the balancing job will  be started instantly. I n this case the individual cell voltages will  be equalised to the lowest cell voltage of the battery pack.


Input power:Max. 60.0V (both on watt-meter and battery checker)Max. current:100A (watt-meter)Min. operating voltage:7.2VCurrent consumption :20mA at battery checker programDimension:105mm x 50mm x 20 mm

Download product instruction manual here.

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