Battery only Charger

Motorola Battery Only Charger for BC/BK/BR/BT series Batteries
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Compatable with ALL these Batteries!

BC-series batteries BK-series batteries BR-series batteries BT-series batteries SNN5766 (BT50) SNN5771 (BT50, Ltd) SNN5762 (BT51 Vzw, Ltd) SNN5800 (BT53, Brazil) SNN5744 (BT60) SNN5782 (BT60, Ltd) SNN5783 (BT61 Vzw, Ltd) SNN5767 (BT70) SNN5799 (BT63, Brazil) SNN5759 (BT90) SNN5765 (BT90 Vzw, Ltd) SNN5767 SNN5804 (BQ50) SNN5696 (BR50) SNN5777 (BR51, Vzw) SNN5794 (BR51, Vzw) SNN5802 (BR51, Brazil) AANN4337 (BR54, TTA) SNN5797 (BR56

   SNN5788 (BR91, Vzw) SNN5789 (BZ60) SNN5790 (BZ62 DOCOMO) SNN5779 (BC50) SNN5821 (BC53, Brazil) KANN4000 (BC54, Korea) SNN5768 (BC60) SNN5791 (BC60) SNN5781 (BC60-Ltd) SNN5798 (BC62, DOCOMO) SNN5801 (BC63, Brazil) KANN4001 (BC64, Korea) SNN5769 (BC70) SNN5803 (BC74, Korea) SNN5770 (BC90) SNN5784 (BK60) SNN5756 (BK61, Vzw) SNN5792 (BK70) SNN5754 (BK90) SNN5758 (BK90, Vzw) SNN5793 (BK10)

Please Note** Item does not include power supply

(your existing Mini-USB wall charger will work or see compatable products below) 

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