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 Product Overview: NavTool is not a navigation system nor does it replace your navigation system or navigation screen. NavTool adds video capabilities to your factory navigation screen. NavTool video interface is 100% PLUG & PLAY no wire cutting required. NavTool converter comes with a vehicle specific harness that eliminates the need for cutting wires. NavTool PLUG & PLAY harness is made using OEM connectors. All our video interfaces come with 4 video input, video 1,2 and 3 is dedicated for any video source, video 4 is dedicated for back up camera. When you put your car in reverse screen you will automatically see reverse camera on your navigation screen (back-up camera over rides either DVD or navigation)   NavTool is an externally wired plug and play video interface that is installed inline of the navigation computer navigation screen. It works simply by interrupting the video signal from your navigation computer when you activate the interface or activate 12V on the reverse camera line. When this occurs the navigation system video image will be replaced by the video input that is connected to the NavTool module. NavTool is a video only input interface module, which means an FM modulator, FM transmitter or an auxiliary audio input interface adapter needs to be used to connect the audio signal from your external AV source to your audio system, if your vehicle does not have an auxiliary input already available. NavTool is video-in-motion enabled, so the video image will stay on the screen even with the car in motion, however we do not recommend doing this. You factory navigation player cannot play DVD movies, you will need to install external video source such as DVD player, game console, or iPod video. Vehicle Specific Installation Information: THIS INTERFACE SHOULD BE CONNECTED AT THE NAVIGATION COMPUTER AND NOT BEHIND SCREEN. This kit includes the NavTool module and a plug and play wiring harness that plugs into the navigation computer unit in the trunk. You can view a photo of the wiring harness on top of this page. Simply plug the vehicles OEM wiring harness into one end of the wiring harness provided with the NavTool module, then plug the other end of the NavTool harness into the location where the vehicles wiring harness was. Then connect 12V power, ground, and backup camera wire if installing back-up camera. The installation is really that simple. Since the unit is plug and play and only requires extra wiring for 12V and ground, it will not void your vehicles factory warranty in most cases. Our product is backed with a no questions asked 12 month warranty. DISCLAIMER: WARNING!!! WARNING!!! NAVTOOL VIDEO INTERFACE DOES NOT REPLACE NAVIGATION SYSTEM IT GIVES YOU ABILITY TO ADD EXTERNAL A/V SOURCES. NAVTOOL IS DESIGNED TO BE ONLY FOR OFF-ROAD OR WHEN VEHICLE IS IMMOBILIZED. THE DRIVER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR MAINTAINING FULL ATTENTION WHILE OPERATING A MOTOR VEHICLE. THE REMOVAL OR BYPASSING OF SAFETY FEATURE IN NAVTOOL PRODUCTS WILL RESULT IN YEARLY TERMINATION OF WARRANTY. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT INSTALLATION OF ANY KIND OF PRODUCTS SUCH AS NAVTOOL MAY VOID VEHICLES MANUFACTURE WARRANTY. USING NAVTOOL IMPROPERLY WILL RESULT IN INJURY, CITATION AND ARREST BY AUTHORITIES THEREFORE NAVTOOL INC. OWNERS AND EMPLOYEES ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR UNAUTHORIZED USE. PLEASE HAVE A PROFESSIONAL MOBILE ELECTRONICS INSTALLER PERFORM THE INSTALLATION OF NAVTOOL PRODUCTS.

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