Assorted Italian Millefiori glass 2 OUNCES (approximately 45 to 65 pieces)

Assorted Italian Millefiori glass 2 OUNCES (approximately 45 to 65 pieces)
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"Millefiori" is Italian for "a thousand flowers." These little glass jewels have been made by glass craftsmen in Murano, Italy since the 15th century. The patterns in millefiori resemble the patterns in old-fashioned Christmas candy because the method of making the pattern is similar. Millefiori is made from tiny glass rods arranged together in a bundle to form cross-sections of swirls, stars and flowers. Once the pattern is arranged, all the glass rods are fused together into one larger rod with a gas torch, the rod is stretched thin, and then the rod is cut into sections that are millefiori. Our millefiori can be used as eye-catching accents in mosaic picture frames, votive candle holders and mosaic sculptures, as well as in pictorial mosaics. The diameter of each piece ranges between 8-12 mm (5/16" - less than 1/2"). The thickness varies, but is about 1/8" on average. This thickness is compatible with both our vitreous glass mosaic tile and smalti, but don't expect the surface to be perfectly flush. This isn't a problem. Using mixed materials of different thickness only requires a little more care in grouting. Use our Quick Order Checklist to order rapidly using a list. For advice on how to glue and grout these mosaic tiles, please see our Mosaic FAQs or our Online Mosaic Instruction Guide.

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