Q-Link Nimbus USB EMF Protection

Qlink Nimbus perfect travel EMF protection. Plugs into USB for easy use.
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Product Details

Product Use: Plug in to any computer, laptop, or electronic device USB port. Clears a 6' Radius. Q Link Nimbus represents the latest generation of Scientifically Validated ‘Active’ Q-Link SRT products, designed to help clarify and support the users biofield by enhancing the environment in which the user works, lives and otherwise occupies.

Plug Q-Link Nimbus in to any PC or MAC USB port or hub to effortlessly & instantly generate a 6’ friendly personal sphere of SRT you can use to enhance your well-being, performance and quality of life. An essential companion to every workstation environment - and an ideal compliment to all body-worn SRT products.

Who needs Nimbus?

People spending any amount of time in front of a computer (or latptop, iPad, game system, etc.0 or at a workstation including students, IT professionals, writers, graphic artists, business people, jet-setting laptop users, teachers and others. Even casual web-surfers can benefit.

Travels easily between home & office. No software required. Backlit Q-Link logo indicates power-up. USB cap removes and stores on unit end while in use.

Commonly reported benefits:

  • Higher energy & stamina
  • Increased focus & concentration
  • Subtle energy SRT balancing
  • Greater productivity & performance
  • Reduction of the negative, disruptive effects of EMF (electromagnetic fields) on the body generated by computers, mobile phones, fluorescent lighting, CRT's, power lines, cell-phone towers and other similar influences.

How does it work?

At the core of every Q link product is Sympathetic Resonance Technology (SRT). This proprietary technology is comprised of a copper induction coil and a resonating crystalline wafer embedded with life supporting frequencies. The copper induction coil defines the frequency strength and broadcast range. Q links technology resonates with your energetic system or biofield. Working like a series of master tuning forks, Q link constantly tunes the body's natural life-supporting frequencies.

Other FAQ's about QLink.

Recent Research: Summary of Examination of the QLink ClearWave on Anxiety Levels of Students in a Public School Setting Specifications: Casing: Molded Acrylic Approximate Dimensions: L: 2 7/8" X W: 1 7/8" X D: 1/2" Power Draw: 32.8mA @ 5 Volts  Compliant: Nimbus has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules.

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