Lotus Ninhoto Katana Sword

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The Nihonto is actually a specific Japanese katana sword. It stands out because of its deep, graceful curve. It was made in the midst of Japanese warfare at a time where the use of calvary tactics became prevelant. Cavalry were becoming more important. Older, straight chokutō were not an efficient tool. The Nihonto was considerably superior when weilded form horseback because the curved blade added to the downward force of a swing.This beautiful sword is made in the traidition of this use. Its overall length is 40 inches and its wondrous curves demand attention. This sword is made for high ranking soldiers, and its appreance denotes this. It has beautiful blue and gold cloth adorning it and it has gold lotus symbols on the sheath. This sword is 40 inches overall length and its stainless steel blade is 27 inches long. You won't be dissappointed to have this sword on your wall!

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