24 Volt 100 Amp Alternator-to-Battery Charger

Charge your batteries up to 5 times faster and extend their life at the same time with a Sterling Power USA 24 volt 100 amp alternator to battery charger
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Sterling Power USA Alternator-to-Battery Chargers

  • Not just a product – a whole new concept: all the performance of an advanced alternator regulator without all the fitting.  
  • Why wait to arrive at your destination to plug in your battery charger? With the Sterling Power Alternator-to-Battery Charger you can provide your batteries a 4 step charging profile of up to 200 amps from your alternator while not being plugged into shore power!
  • The Sterling Power Alternator-to-Battery Charger is a marine grade, high performance, four step, alternator powered battery charger. By monitoring and then controlling the voltage level of the alternator connected to the input side, the alt-to-bat is able to provide a charge rate that recovers your batteries up to five times faster than a standard alternator.
  • Has the ability to mix on board battery types.
  • Can charge GEL, AGM, FLA, Calcium and LiP04 Batteries.
  • Always ensures start battery is properly charged, but also prevents the starting battery from being overcharged and damaged.
  • Our 4 Step Battery Charging Profile extends the life of your batteries by ensuring a full charge & conditioning, as well as entering a float mode when charging is complete to protect against overcharging your batteries.
  • Installs in place of a standard alternator to battery isolator.
  • Available in 12 volt / 130, 160 and 210 amp output.
  • Available in 24 volt / 100 amp output. 
  • Optional Remote Available     Appearance of (12v 160 amp),  (12v 210 Amp) and (24v 100 Amp) models. Appearance of the 12v, 130 Amp Alternator-to-Battery Charger Model. Optional Extra Remote control kit -You can purchase a Remote Control you can use w/ the Sterling-Power Alternator to Battery Charger. Remotes for AB12160, AB12210 and AB24100 remote Part # is ABRC. ABRC Remote Kit includes: the remote panel, 10 meters of pre wired link cable and two 200 amp pre wired shunts. The 2 shunts enable 2 real time current readings to be measured and a single total calculated current reading to be measured. (Please note, there is an additional part #ABRCN. Please note that the ABRCN remote can ONLY be used with the AB12130 model charger.)  View a Summary Sheet of our Alternator to Battery Charger Line. http://www.sterling-power-usa.com/library/Sterling Power USA - Alt to Batt Product Sheet.pdf Owner’s Manual and installation instructions for Alternator to Battery Chargers Models: AB12160,  AB12210, & AB24100: http://www.sterling-power-usa.com/library/Alternator to Battery Charger Owners Manual and Installation Instructions for all models excluding AB12130.pdf   Technical information: 
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