GE Lumiline Light Bulbs

GE Lumiline light bulbs are an incandescent linear light source with a disk end base. It's a linear source and works in many kinds of older fixtures but still are made to fill the need for replacement lamps.
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GE Lumiline light bulbs are an incandescent light source though some people mistakenly believe it to be a fluorescent type. It has a disk end which go into a special socket. We now also have the lumiline end caps for these as well! Philips used to make something called Lumiline II, but those are no longer available. These lamps are used many times in bathrooms where a good skin tone is desired. GE Lumiline light bulbs give off a wonderful light that is very flattering. Something to keep in mind is that they're rated for only 1500 hours average rated life, so when you're not using them, it's best to keep them shut off for a longer usable life. The filament inside GE Lumiline light bulbs are very long which can make them vulnerable to vibration. - A flattering light for flesh tones. - Totally dimmable like any incandescent lamp. - 120 volt standard. - Length of the 40 watt is 11 3/4 inches.

- Length of the 30 watt is 17 3/4 inches. (NO LONGER AVAILABLE) - Length of the 60 watt is 17 3/4 inches. (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

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