100 Watt R30 Grow Flood Light Bulbs

100 watt R30 grow flood light bulbs are used where there needs to be a more natural light indoors with a heavy emphasis on the blue area of color that plants respond well to. A 100 watt rating in a medium size flood.
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100 watt R30 grow flood light bulbs have a special blue coating which filters out the yellows and other undesirable colors that come from incandescent lamps. These are used for plant growth and will fit in almost any fixture. They use a standard incandescent socket and in fact, these 100 watt R30 grow flood light bulbs are the same physical size as a R30 flood light bulbs. So wherever you have the yellowish incandescent color, you can make it better for your plants by using these bulbs. - Used anywhere standard medium flood light bulbs are used. - 100 watts. - R30 shape, 3.75 inch reflector diameter. - A more natural outdoor daylight color.

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