VDSC305-4B Viking 30" Open Burner Self Cleaning Oven Professional Series Gas Range

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Commercial-Type Cooking Power • Stainless steel surface burners with electric spark ignition accommodate an infinite range of settings

•VariSimmer™ setting, found on each surface burner, provides gentle, even heat across the entire cooking vessel surface, even at extra-low heat levels - without the use of unconventional on/off or small center devices • Automatic electric spark re-ignition; surface burners light at any position on the knob and re-light if extinguished, even on lowest setting • Large-capacity self-cleaning ovens with multiple rack positions • Professional features of the 30" and 36" wide ovens and 48" wide right oven • Convection two-element baking with fan-forced air • Convection broiling with large 8-pass element, reflector, and fan-forced air •TruConvec™ cooking using only convection element in rear and fan-forced air (no direct heat from bottom or top) • Convection dehydrating with low heat and fan-forced air • Convection defrosting with fan-forced air only - no heat • Conventional two-element baking • Conventional broiling with reflector • Maxi-Broil uses full eight passes for complete coverage of larger quantities of food • Mini-Broil uses four passes to conserve energy for smaller quantities of food • Features found in the 48" wide left oven • Conventional two-element baking • Conventional broil with 4-pass element • Proofing with a dedicated "proofing" element in bottom of oven - low- wattage element maintains temperature between 90 and 110 degrees F • Separate indicator light for proofing element • All convection modes utilize the ProFlow™ Convection Air Baffle, which is specifically designed to ensure balanced airflow for even heat distribution • Heavy-duty, porcelain broiler pan/grid • Two oven lights with control panel switch in all large ovens; one oven light in smaller oven of 48" wide VDSC • Oven "on" indicator light • Self-clean indicator light • Commercial-style bezels around control panel knobs

Safe, Easy Operation • Large, easy-to-read knobs with childproof, push-to-turn safety feature • Heavy-duty oven door handle • Automatic electric spark ignition - no standing pilot to re-light, waste energy, or add extra heat to the kitchen • 10" by 11" heavy-duty, porcelainized, cast-iron, removable surface burner grates provide virtually continuous front-to-rear, left-to-right surface for easy movement of large pots • Stainless steel landing ledge with solid, welded, seamless finish • High-density insulation contains heat within the oven cavity for maximum energy savings and performance, even during high-temperature self-cleaning

Easy Maintenance and Cleanup • Self-cleaning, porcelain oven - all ovens • Porcelainized, cast-iron burner caps • Removable porcelain grate supports with separately removable, dishwasher-safe porcelain burner bowls • Removable pull-out drip tray with roller-bearing glides for smooth operation

Optional Features Available on 36" and 48" wide models: Griddle/Simmer Plate - 12" or 24" wide • Commercial-grade, machined steel construction • Commercial-type, blanchard finish holds cooking oils for stick-resistant cooking • Thermostatically controlled for precise temperature • 24" wide griddle includes seperate burner controls (available on 48" wide model only) • Control panel light indicates desired temperature has been reached • Removable grease pan for easy cleanup

Gas Char-Grill - 12" wide • Automatic electric spark re-ignition • Porcelainized, cast-iron, two-piece grate • Two porcelainized flavor-generator plates catch drippings and circulate smoke around food for outdoor-grilled flavor • Burner shield protects burner from food drippings • All grill components remove and replace easily for quick cleanup • Removable grease pan for easy cleanup

Installation Accessories • 6" high stainless steel backguard (T36BG6 or T48BG6; standard with 30" wide ranges - T30BG6) • 10" high stainless steel backguard (T36BG10 or T48BG10) - not available on 30" wide ranges • Stainless steel high-shelf (T30HS24, T36HS24, or T48HS24) • Stainless steel island trim (T30TII, T36TII, or T48TII) • Stainless steel countertop side trim (R24CST) • Curb base front in stainless steel (RS30CBF4, RS36CBF4, or RS48CBF4) conceals range legs • Can be easily converted to custom curb base front

Exclusive Finishes • Available in Stainless Steel (SS), Black (BK), White (WH), Almond (AL), Biscuit (BT), Stone Gray (SG), Graphite Gray (GG), Burgundy (BU), Lemonade (LE), Mint Julep (MJ), Forest Green (FG), Viking Blue (VB), Cobalt Blue (CB), and Eggplant (EP) • May be ordered with Brass Trim Option (BR) for nameplate, window trim(s), door handle(s)/brackets, drip tray pull, knob bezels, and grate support side trim • All brass components have a durable protective coating for maintenance-free normal use

Warranty Highlights* • One-year full covers complete product • Five-year limited � surface burners and oven tubular • Ten-year limited � porcelain oven and porcelain inner door panel • Ninety-day limited � cosmetic parts such as glass, painted items, and decorative items *Warranty valid on Viking products shipped within the United Sates and Canada

Model Numbers • VDSC305-4B - 30" wide, four burners, single oven • VDSC365-6B - 36" wide, six burners, single oven • VDSC365-4G - 36" wide, four burners, 12" wide griddle/simmer plate, single oven • VDSC365-4Q - 36" wide, four burners, 12" wide char-grill, single oven • VDSC485-4G - 48" wide, four burners, 24" wide griddle/simmer plate • VDSC485-6G - 48" wide, six burners, 12" wide griddle/simmer plate, double ovens • VDSC485-6Q - 48" wide, six burners, 12" wide char-grill, double ovens • VDSC485-4GQ - 48" wide, four burners, 12" wide griddle/simmer plate, 12" wide char-grill, double ovens

Shipping Weight: 424 lbs

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