Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus Append Edition

Nearly a year after the hiccup, Arc System finally "fixes" the problem with an append disc which includes new content to make it a worthwhile purchase
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NCS Product SynopsisUpdate: March 27, 2008 «©NCSX» When Arc System released Guilty Gear XX Accent Core for the PS2 in May 2007, there was a flaw that wasn't debugged before the code went to production. Reports of the glitch appeared on Japanese gaming message boards soon after the game hit retailers. There was disappointment but no one grabbed a torch and threatened to storm the company's headquarters. Arc System didn't issue a recall (those things cost $$$) though they did post up an apology on their website to assuage the hurt feelings.

Nearly a year after the hiccup, Arc System finally "fixes" the problem with an append disc which includes new content to make it a worthwhile purchase. First off, two new characters rejoin the original roster - Kliff Undersn and Justice with their own unique storylines in the new story mode. Arc System touts that the spanking new Story Mode will feature voice acting and multiple scenarios which relay the unique tale of each GGXX fighter. A new Mission Mode has been added and the Gallery features one new cinema.

This product listing is for the append version of GGXXAC+ which requires the original GGXXAC disc (SLPM-66746) to boot on a JPN PS2.

Region Lock-out Please note Japanese Playstation 2 games will not boot on USA or European PS2 consoles due to the inherent region-lockout on Playstation 2 game discs.

View the back cover and screenshots for this item on the main NCSX website.

NCS Game Notes » Press START on the title screen and the following game modes appear: Story / Live the fighting life of a GGXX warrior Mission / Complete targeted objectives to proceed to the next mission VS 2P / Sit down with a second player and see who's prime Arcade / The original Naomi arcade mode VS CPU / Battle against the CPU M.O.M / Medal of Millionaire mode Training / Practice moves and combinations against a dummy opponent Survival / Select a character and see how far you can go with 1 HP gauge that only partially recovers between matches Gallery / View the opening movie, the Staff Roll (Arcade and Consumer), Arcade Mode, EX Character, Special Illustrations Sound / Set BGM Volume, Voice Volume, SE Volume or listen to various BGM, Private Sounds, and Common Sound Effects (92 samples) Options / Game options, Key Config, Display Settings, Ranking, Memory Card Exit

» In the Training Mode, the default setting is to battle a dummy opponent but you can allow the CPU to gain control and give it a level from 1 to 32 in terms of adversity offered. The Tension, Burst, Guard Level, Life Bar, Guard Recovery, Slip Recovery, Counter, and many more modifiers may also be set according to your preference.

» The roster of characters in GGXX AC+ is made up of: Sol-Badguy Ky Kiske May Millia Rage Eddie Potemkin Chipp-Zanuff Faust Baiken Jam-Kuradoberi Johnny Axl-Low Anji-Mito Venom Testament Dizzy Slayer I-NO Zappa Bridget (she's a he) Robo-Ky A.B.A. Order-Sol Kliff-Undersn Justice

» A total of 14 stages are available to to fight on: Colony, China, May Ship, 2EPP, Paris, Hell, Grove, Merchant, Castle, Babylon, Phantom City, Frasco, AD.2172, and London.

» The default control scheme is as follows: SQUARE / Punch CROSS / Kick TRIANGLE / Slash CIRCLE / X-Slash R1-TRIGGER / Dust R2-TRIGGER / Respect SELECT / Reset Rec Player REC ENEMY / L1 PLAY MEMORY / L2 Switch ENEMY WALK / L3 ENEMY JUMP / R3

» Only the d-pad is used for movement in the default setting but Analog control may be toggled on in the Key Config menu.

» The Controller Mode may be toggled between standard Dual Shock 2 to Sega Saturn Pad, Virtua Stick, or four presets that you configure

» Pressing the L1 button once will set the recording mode into Standy (15:00 seconds). To start recording, press the L1 button again to start the recording and move your opponent accordingly. To replay the movement and attack sequences, press the L2 button.

» When fighting on a certain stage, some background spectators hold up signs which read "Try Harder" or "Make a Miracle."

This document is ©NCSX 2008. All rights reserved. No reproduction in whole or in part of this document may be made without express written consent of National Console Support, Inc.

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