iPhone 3GS LCD Display Panel

Replacement LCD for the iPhone 3GS.
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Actual item may vary slightly from photo. This part DOES NOT include the metal back frame that fastens the LCD to the mid frame.You may either remove and re use the back frame off of the defective LCD or purchase another one. See related products below. This part DOES NOT include the digitizer/outer glass. It is only the part that emits the actual display. This part IS NOT cross compatible between other versions of the iPhone. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT:LCDs showing any type of physical damage cannot be exchanged.This includes but is not limited to any improper bending/folding of the flex cable.  You might want to try the following installation technique. Doing so will greatly reduce the chance of damage during installation. 

  1. CAREFULLY and from a reasonable distance, heat the LCD flex cable with a hair dryer for about 30 seconds.
  2. Use a BIC type of disposable pen and with the LCD face down (preferrably on the bubble wrap the LCD came with) GENTLY apply a bend to the flex cable around the shaft of the pen. This will create a natural curve of the flex cable and eliminates folds and bends in the wrong areas.
Now the flex cable can be plugged into the motherboard with a good start to the bending process already complete. From here, careful replacement of the front assembly into the body of the phone can be completed without damaging the flex cable.

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