Turbo-Action Cold Solvent 1-1/2 HP Pumps 169 gal capacity PN: T5430-F

230/460V - 3 Phase motor
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Graymills Superflo® pump Turbo-Action provides effective "hands-off" cleaning.

Turbo-Action total immersion parts cleaners convert the jet stream from Graymills heavy duty Superflo® pumps into powerful hands-off cleaning power. Unlike cabinet-type cleaners which employ spray nozzles, total immersion cleaners bring surging cleaning action to every external and internal surface - even blind holes and recesses. Aggressive turbo agitation of the fluid at 3,000 or 10,000 GPH automatically scours and flushes parts clean.

Seven Turbo-Action units are available in both cold solvent and hot detergent models. The heated units come standard with energy-savings insulation and corrosion-resistant stainless steel-line lids. Two-inch drains make clean-out fast and easy. Optional features including stainless steel tanks and filtration systems, that let you customize these units to your specific cleaning needs.

T4330 - T8430 Specifications

Standard tank sizes range from 39-1/2 to 83 inches in length, affording automatic cleaning for large industrial parts. All five models feature a powerful 1-1/2 HP Superflo 10,000 GPH pump and two removable sludge collector trays to facilitate tank clean-up.ModelABCDEFGT433039-1/2"56-1/2"37"67"27-1/2"30"23-1/4"T543049-1/2"66-1/2"37"67"27-1/2"30"23-1/4"T643059-1/2"76-1/2"37"67"27-1/2"30"23-1/4"T743069-1/2"86-1/2"37"67"27-1/2"30"23-1/4"T843083"96-1/2"37"67-1/2"27-1/2"30"23-1/4"

T24/36 Specifications

The T24 and T36 models are Graymills two most economical turbo tank sizes. Total immersion Turbo-Action parts cleaning is possible with as little as 47 gallons of liquid circulating at 3,000 GPH. A sturdy perforated platform supports the parts above the "V" shaped bottom specially designed for easy sludge collection.

Flexibility is designed into these units. The T24/T36 may be purchased without the pump for use as a soak tank. The T24/36 models can be fitted with a pneumatic agitating lift platform to provide even faster Dual Action cleaning. Add-on options, including pump, lift platform, and heater can be factory installed or field retrofitted, should your cleaning requirements change. See Liftkleen section.


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Turbo Specifications Chart

DescriptionT24T36T4330T5430T6430T7430T8430Dipping SpaceLength24"34"39-1/2"49-1/2"59-1/2"69-1/2"83"Width20-1/2"25-1/2"27-1/2"27-1/2"27-1/2"27-1/2"27-1/2"Depth12"18"23-1/4"23-1/4"23-1/4"23-1/4"23-1/4"Overall DimensionsLength39"50"56-1/2"66-1/2"76-1/2"86-1/2"96-1/2"Width24-1/2"29-1/2"30"30"30"30"30"Height66"75"67"67"67"67"67-1/2"Liquid Capacity (gallons)47118142169200231262Motor/PumpHP1/31/31-1/21-1/21-1/21-1/21-1/2Voltage115*, 230115*, 230230, 460230, 460230, 460230, 460230, 460Hertz60/5060/5060/5060/5060/5060/5060/50Phase1133333GPH3,0003,00010,00010,00010,00010,00010,000Heater - for water-based cleaning 60-180F (15-82C)4.0kW4.0kW4.5kW4.5kW4.5kW4.5kW4.5kW

*Available only on unheated models

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