Trane American Standard 1 pole 24 Volt 30 Amp Contactor CNTT1P24V30

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Trane and American Standard Factory Replacement 1 pole 24 Volt 30 Amp Contactor CNTT1P24V30 Replaces the following part numbersCTR01144 CTR1144 C6361302 CTR01143  CTR1143 CTR0733 CTR00733 CTR0845 CTR00845 CTR0694 CTR694 CTR0733 CTR733  CTR01134 CTR1134 CTR01475 CTR01475 CTR1057 CTR01057  CTR01035 CTR1035 CTR01037 CTR1037 CTR01059 CTR1059 CTR0432 CTR432 CTR0438 CTR438 CTR0591 CTR591 CTR0679 CTR679 CTR0752 CTR752 CTR0832 CTR832 CTR0833 CTR833 CTR0845 CTR845 CTR0871 CTR871 CTR00845 CTR0845 CTR845 CTR0733 Used in the following Trane and American Standard air conditioner and heat pump modelsUAFB-042JAS UAFB042JAS RAFB-042JAS RAFB042JAS WAFB-042JAS WAFB042JAS MAFB-042JAS MAFB042JAS TCX024A100BA TWR036C100A1 TWRO36C100A1 WCX024A100BB WCX024A100BB WCX024100BB WCY030F100AC YCC036F1H0BB YCCO36F1HOBB YCC036F1H0BB YCCO36F1HOBB TWR030C100A5 YCY048F1H0AA YCYO48F1HOAA YCC036F1MOBC YCC036F1M0BC WCX036A100BB YCC030F1M0BA YCC042F1MOAA YCC042F1MBAA YCC030F1MOBH YCC030F1M0BH YCC024F1L0BC YCC030F1L0BC TWN042C100A1 YCC030F1M0BE YCC036F1M0BE TWR024C100A1 TTB036C100A1 7BO736B1OOAO 7B0736B100A0 TTR030C100A2 TTR2042B100AA TWR036C100A1 2TTR2042B100AA YCC048F1H0BC 7A0036A100A2 TWR024C100 TWR024C100A5 TTB048D100A0 TWP042C100A3 WCC036F100BE TTN036C100B3 7A2036A100A0 TWN024C100A2 7A0024A100A2 TWP036C100A3 TWN048C100A1 BTB730A100BO TWN048C100A1 BTB730A100B0 YCC024F1L0BA WCH036A100AA XE1200 TTP036C100A2 TWR048C100A1 TWR048C100A2 TWR048C100A3 TWR060C100A1 TWRO60C100A1 BWD724A100BO    

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