Honeywell Limit Control L4064B2228

Honeywell Limit Control L4064B2228
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Honeywell L4064B2228 Fan and Limit Controller with 125 F fan on and 100 F fan off stops, 200 F high limit stop and 5 in. insertion. For control of high limit and fan motor in all types of forced air heating systems. L4064E2015 025-23005-700 02523005700 025-23005-000 02523005000 9250270 626436 614252 L4064A2790 025-25907-700 02525907700 025-25907-000 02525907700 626436 47-20545-91 472054591 025-25402B-002 02525402B002 025-25907-000 025-25907-700 L4064B2228 6 9645K L4064B2228 613569 1008305 2632B P232-0001 P2320001 21A933286 Series 856 1147142 100142 C434-7 C4347 B13701-18 B1370118 L4064B2657 CNT-2532 CNT2352 CNT02532 CNT-1671 CNT1671 CNT01671 CNT-2229 CNT02229 CNT2229 CARL86051 CAR2E818 CARL4064B2228 Used in GE Miller, Intertherm Nordyne Furnace Models: CMF80 PO CMF80P0 CMF-80-PG-DI-N CMF-100PG CMF-100 PO CMF100PG 3AHL5K2B8. Used in Rheem/Ruud Furnace Models: URCF-05N36JKR URCF05N36JKR URGG-05E31JKR URGG-05E36CKR URGG-05E36CLR URGG-05E36JKR URGG-05E37JKR URGG-05N30JKR URGG-15E60CKR URGG-15E60DLR URGG-15E60JKR URGG-15E61CKR URGG-15E61JKR URGH-15E48JKR URGG05E31JKR URGG05E36CKR URGG05E36CLR URGG05E36JKR URGG05E37JKR URGG05N30JKR URGG15E60CKR URGG15E60DLR URGG15E60JKR URGG15E61CKR URGG15E61JKR URGH15E48JKR RRCF-05N36JKR RRCF05N36JKR RRGG-05E31JKR RRGG-05E36CKR RRGG-05E36CLR RRGG-05E36JKR RRGG-05E37JKR RRGG-05N30JKR RRGG-15E60CKR RRGG-15E60DLR RRGG-15E60JKR RRGG-15E61CKR RRGG-15E61JKR RRGH-15E48JKR RRGG05E31JKR RRGG05E36CKR RRGG05E36CLR RRGG05E36JKR RRGG05E37JKR RRGG05N30JKR RRGG15E60CKR RRGG15E60DLR RRGG15E60JKR RRGG15E61CKR RRGG15E61JKR RRGH15E48JKR AS-56683-01 AS5668301 AS-56683-07 AS5668307 Used in Amana Goodman Furnace Models: GUN040-2 GUN125-5 GUP100-5 GUP120-5A GUI00-3 GUI100-3 Used in Air Conditioning and Heating Brands: Airquest, Arcoair, Comfortmaker, Heil, Kenmore, Tempstar, Snyder General, Intercity Products, Whirlpool. Used in ICP Equipment Models: 867.761040 867.761043 867.761044 867.761250 867.761251 867.761252 867.761253 867.762010 867.762040 867.762150 867.762260 867.766010 867.766011 867.766012 867.766013 867.767260 867.768010 867.768020 867.778810 867.778820 NUGE060KG01 NUGE060KG02 NUGE080KG01 NUGE080KG02 NUGG050DD01 NUGG050DD02 NUGG050DD03 NUGG050DD04 NUGG050ED01 NUGG050ED02 NUGG050ED03 NUGG050ED04 NUGG125AK01 NUGG125DK01 NUGG125DK02 NUGG125DK03 NUGI040CD01 NUGI040KD01 NUGI045KD01 NUGI045KD02 NUGI045KD03 NUGI050DD02 NUGI050DD03 NUGI050DD04 NUGI050DG01 NUGI050DG02 NUGI050DG03 NUGI100CK01 NUGI100KK01 NUGI100KK02 NUGI125DK01 NUGI125DK02 NUGI125DK03 NUGJ050DD01 NUGJ050DD02 NUGJ050DD03 NUGJ050DD04 NULE060DG01 NULE060DG02 NULE080DG01 NULE080DG02 NULI050DD01 NULI050DD02 NULI050DD03 NULI050DD04 NULI050DD05 867.769010 867.769020 867.769030 867.779010 867.779020 867.779030 NUGK050AF01 NUGK050AF02 NUGK050CF01 NUGK050CF02 NUGK080AG01 NUGK080AG02 NUGK080CG01 NUGK080CG02 NUGK105AG01 NUGK105AG02 NUGK105AH01 NUGK105AH02 NUGK105CG01 NUGK105CG02 NUGK105CH02 NULK050AF01 NULK050AF02 NULK080AG01 NULK080AG02 NULK105AG01 NULK105AG02 NULK105AH01 NULK105AH02 NULK125AH01 867.766033 FXL47150DR2 FXL47175ER2 GU150AF7R GU150AG7CR HUGA150BK01 HUGA150CH01 HUGB055AD01 HUGB080AF01 HUGB105AG01 HUGB130AG01 HUGB150BK01 HUGB175BK01 HUGC055CD01 HUGC080CF01 HUGC105CG01 HUGC130CG01 HUGC150CK01 HUGC175CK01 HUGD080CF01 HUGD105CG01 HUGD130CH01 HUGD150CK01 HUGD175CK01 HUGE060AG03 HUGE080AG01 HUGE080BG03 HUGE105AG01 HUGE105BG03 HUGE125AH01 HUGE125AK01 HUGE125BH01 HUGE125BH03 HUGF055AD01 HUGF060AG01 HUGF080AF01 HUGF105AH01 HUGF130AH01 NLGD175BK01 NUGA040AD01 NUGA047AG02 NUGA100AH02 NUGB050AD02 NUGB050AD03 NUGB080AG90 NUGB100AG02 NUGB100AG03 NUGB100AG91 NUGB105AG90 NUGB150EK01 NUGB150EK02 NUGB150EK03 NUGB150EK04 NUGB175LK01 NUGB175LK02 NUGB175LK03 NUGB175LK04 NUGC040AD01 NUGC050AD01 NUGC075AD01 NUGC075AF01 NUGC075AG01 NUGC075BD01 NUGC080CD01 NUGC080CG01 NUGC080DD01 NUGC100AF01 NUGC100AF02 NUGC100AH01 NUGC100AH02 NUGC100BE01 NUGC100BE02 NUGC105CF01 NUGC105CH01 NUGC105DE01 NUGC125AF01 NUGC125AH01 NUGC125AK01 NUGC125BF01 NUGC130CF01 NUGC130DF01 NUGC150CH01 NUGC150EH01 NUGC150EK01 NUGC150EK02 NUGD075AD01 NUGD075AF01 NUGD100AG01 NUGD100AG02 NUGD125AF01 NUGD125AG01 NUGD130CF01 NUGD150EH01 NUGD150EK01 NUGD175LK02 NUGE060AG01 NUGE060AG02 NUGE060AG03 NUGE060CG01 NUGE060CG02 NUGE080BG01 NUGE080BG02 NUGE080CG01 NUGE080CG02 NUGE105BG01 NUGE105BG02 NUGE105BG03 NUGE105CG01 NUGE105CG02 NUGE125BH01 NUGE125BH02 NUGE125CH01 NUGF040AD01 NUGF047AG01 NUGF050AD02 NUGF050AD03 NUGF080AG01 NUGF100AF02 NUGF100AF03 NUGF100AH01 NUGF105AG01 NUGF130AK01 NUGG100EH01 NUGG100EH02 NUGI125AK01 NUGJ125AG01 NULD080CG01 NULD100AG01 NULD105CG01 NULD130CG01 NULD150CH01 NULD175CK01 NULD175LK01 NULE060AG02 NULE060AG03 NULE060AG04 NULE080BG02 NULE080BG03 NULE080BG04 NULE105BG02 NULE105BG03 NULE105BG04 NULE125BH02 NULE125BH03 VG105AE1R VG130AE1CR VG80LF1R WUGB055AD01 WUGB080AF01 WUGB105AG01 WUGB130AG01 WUGC055CD01 WUGC080CF01 WUGC105CG01 WUGC130CG01 WUGC150CK01 WUGC175CK01 WUGD080CF01 WUGD105CG01 WUGD130CH01 WUGD150CK01 WUGD175CK01 WUGE080AG01 WUGE105AG01 WUGE125AH01 WUGF055AD01 WUGF060AG01 WUGF105AH01 WUGF130AH01 867.768110 867.768111 867.768230 867.768231 867.778370 NNAU050AD01 NUGE050AD01 NUGE050AD02 NUGE050CG01 NUGE050CG02 NULE050AD01 NULE050AD02 Used in Coleman Evcon York Furnace Models: P4UGD12N105Q1A P4UGD12N10501A P3UGD20N12001A P3UGD20N12001B P3UGD20N12001C P3UGD16N12001B P3UGD16N12001A P3UGD16N12001B P3UGD16N12001 P3UCD08N06101A PCCU-LD12N105A PCCULD12N105A P3USD20N12001B PDCU-LD12N105A PDCULD12N105A P3UC012N06101A

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