Honeywell Furnace Control Board S9200U1000

Honeywell S9200U1000
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Direct replacement for the following manufacturer part numbers! This Universal Integrated Furnace Control replaces over 100+ controllers with a simplified installation and proven Honeywell reliability. Honeywell S9200U1000 THIS CONTROL COMES COMPLETE WITH ALL WIRING HARNESSES AND INSTRUCTIONS NEEDED FOR YOUR CONVERSION  Honeywell S9200U1000 Installation Instructions  Replaces the following Part Numbers United Technologies - 1010-925A 1012-925B 1012-925C 1012-955A 1012956A 1012-83-9651B 1012-930 1012933D 1012-933D 1012-83-9336AHSC1 1012-83-93378A Rheem Robertshaw - 62-24268-01 62-24268-02 62-24268-03 Nordyne - 624557 6245570 624557-0 624564 6245640 624591 624591A 624591-A 624591-B 624591-C 624591-D 624628 624628-0 6246310 624631-0 624631A 624631-A 624631-B 710128A 902378 902696 903106 Carrier Bryant - 903106 CAR33101972200 CAR03101973000 CAR50A55843 CARB1809913S Texas Instruments - 6DT-1 6DT-2 61F3 41F3-5 York - 031006620000 03100662000 031-00662-700 031-01140-000 031-01140-001 031011140002 031-01140-002 031-01140-701 031-01140-702 03101234000 031-01234-700 031-01235-700 031-1250-000 0310126700 031-01267-000 031-01267-001 031-01267-001A 031-01284-000 03101933000 031-01933-000 031-01972-000 031-01973-000 031-02166-000 33101933000 331-01933-000 331-01972-200 43101972100 431-01972-100 P03101267001 P031-01267-001 P03101267-001 PTH031011400-00 Lennox - G951ADB1401 G951ADB1401C G951ADB-1401C G951ADB1402 G951ADB-1402 G951AEB-1403 White Rodgers - 50T35-743 50A55-120 50A55-143 50A55-285 50A55-288 50A55-438 50A55-474 50A55-475 50A55-476 50A55-477 50A55-478 50A55-479 50A55-480 50A55-481 50A55-482 50A55-484 50A55-485 50A55-486 50A55-4817 50A55-488 50A55-489 50A55-490 50A55-491 50A55-492 50A55-493 50A55-494 50A55-495 50A55-496 50A55-497 50A55-498 50A55-499 50A55-500 50A55-501 50A55-502 50A55-503 50A55-504 50A55-505 50A55-506 50A55-507 50A55-508 50A55-509 50A55-510 0A55-511 50A55-512 50A55-513 50A55-514 50A55-515 50A55-516 50A55-517 50A55-518 50A55-519 50A55-520 50A55-521 50A55-523 50A55-524 50A55-525 50A55-526 50A55-527 50A55-528 50A55-529 50A55-530 50A55-531 50A55-532 50A55-533 50A55-534 50A55-535 50A55-536 50A55-537 50A55-538 50A55-539 50A55-540 50A55-541 50A55-542 50A55-543 50A55-544 50A55-545 50A55-546 50A55-547 50A55-548 50A55-549 50A55-550 50A55-551 50A55-552 50A55-553 50A55-554 50A55-555 50A55-556 50A55-557 50A55-558 50A55-559 50A55-560 50A55-561 50A55-562 50A55-563 50A55-564 50A55-565 50A55-566 50A55-567 50A55-568 50A55-569 50A55-570 50A55-571 50A55-843 50A50-143 50A50-285 50A50-288 50A50-438 Goodman - 1809913 18099-13S B180996 B1809906 B18099-6 B18099-06 B1809908 18099-08 B1809910 B18099-10 B18009910 B180099-10 B1809913 B18099-13 B1809913S B18099-13S B18009913 B180099-13 ICM - ICM280

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