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The ADM-2.1 is designed and built to the same exacting specifications as all Integra receivers. The ADM-2.1 is perfectly suited as a second zone amplifier or as an add-on amplifier for a more elaborate system. With 105 watts per channel into 8 ohms, the amplifier exploits our exclusive WRAT circuitry to provide a tremendously wide bandwidth, making it capable of accurately reproducing high-resolution audio sources with amazing clarity and dynamics. To make it custom-installation friendly, the amplifier features a 12-volt turn-on trigger and phantom power-on and input level adjustments. There's also an input/output loop for audio pass through to another amp. The multi-way, binding post speaker terminals and the detachable power cord add to its versatility in system integration.

Features: • Audio-sensing power on • Binding post speaker terminals • Solid brushed aluminum front panel • Optional rack mount kit available-IRK-130-3 Amplifier: • 2 x 125 Watts/Channel at 6O • 2 x 100 Watts/Channel at 8O • Wide Range Amplifier Technology — WRAT (10 Hz-100 kHz) Connections: • Input level adjustment • 12V Remote turn-on • Input/output loop

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