Atlas Games Gloom Card Game Unhappy Homes Expansion

Atlas Games Gloom Card Game Unhappy Homes Expansion
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Included are five Residences with a light blue background behind their central illustration. These are each placed next to their related family at the start of the game. New cards called Mysteries, which have a dark blue effects bar at the bottom, are also shuffled into the deck before play. A Mystery is the only card that can be placed on a Residence (and only a Residence), and can be placed on any Residence as either of your two plays. It gives that Residence's player a special effect and Pathos points that count toward his final Family Value. A Mystery remains even if the requirements for playing it are lost. You may discard a Mystery from your hand as a free play.

You must have the Gloom Card Game to play Unhappy Homes. Adds 1 player to your 2 to 4 player game. Recommended for ages 8 and up. Contains one 55–card deck of transparent cards in a tuckbox (new rules are given on the back of the tuckbox). Find all your toys and hobbies at Hobbymsters.

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