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This item cannot be Federal Expressed or be shipped Internationally Liquid Gold Bond A Weave Adhesive This item cannot be Federal Expressed and may be shipped separately or cannot be shipped Internationally. Dries completely clear.

Famous Liquid Gold Bond, New Squeeze bottle application, thinner formula than brush on for application purposes.

Available in 2oz. Squeeze Bottle

New Formulation, better viscosity for easy application.

The only bonder that you can do bond fusing and extensions and off-track invisible bonding.  No special equipment needed.

Liquid Gold Glue is not a rubber base bond as are all of the other similar type products.

Bond Safely, Quickly with out hair breakage or scalp discomfort.

Liquid Gold bonds up to 5 times stronger, and lasts 5 times longer than traditional latex bonding glues. Liquid Gold's unique formula allows you to use it in conjunction with heat (curling irons, flat irons etc.).

Stylists can offer Liquid Gold Bond Fusion services without the need for expensive equipment. It is useful for braids, extensions, and for highlights and lowlights. It can be used for wefted and loose hair (off wefted bonding). Liquid Gold can be applied close to the scalp, dries soft, pliable, invisible and will not melt off. It contains no water, and does not smell like ammonia or formaldehyde and dries clear. Liquid Gold never has to be reapplied due to product drying (latex glues have to be bonded quickly before it dries). In fact, the drier Liquid Gold gets after being applied to the weft, the better it will bond. Liquid Gold will last up to two to three weeks.

Directions for hair Bond Fusion with Liquid Gold: Clean the hair using Liquid Gold Clensing Shampoo. Use a hair separator disc (sold separately) and section off a small section of the clients natural hair. Twist the hair once or twice, slide it through slit in the separator disk to the hole in the center of the disk. Place the disk as close to the scalp as possible. Apply Liquid Gold to the base of the hair close to the roots. Take the commercial hair to be fused, clip it blunt at the top. Flair the hair like a paint brush, apply Liquid Gold to the commercial hair. Allow to dry for about 3-5 minutes (or until no longer wet to the touch). Place the commercial hair on natural hair and with your thumb and forefinger, roll the added hair into place. Using a heat clamp, fuse bond lightly for about three (3) seconds. Round the bond with your fingertips. You are going to be repeating this with many sections, so we highly recommend that you prepare 20 to 30 sections of commercial hair with the Liquid Gold at one time.

Directions for Off Track/No Weft Invisible Bonding: Clean the hair using Liquid Gold Clensing Shampoo. Wefted hair for weaving is typcially produced with two smaller separate tracks sewn together. Using a razor blade or shears, split the wefts apart. (We only want to use one thin section at a time.) Apply Liquid Gold to the hair just below the weft, as close to the weft as possible and on both sides of the wefted hair. Next apply Liquid Gold to the client's parted natural hair close to the scalp but not on the scalp. (Tip: Lift the clients hair so that you are not applying the glue to thier head, but make sure that you are holding the hair in the direction that the natural hair will eventually fall.) Lay the weft on to the client's hair just below the part line. Press the weft onto the clients hair using the back of a styling comb. Seal the bond lightly with a warm heat clamp (be very careful to never touch the client's head with hot tools). Cut away the weft with shears. The parting will make a perfect channel to cut away the weft without cutting the natural hair. If done correctly, the added hair should look and feel as though it is growing from the scalp. Always apply Liquid Gold with thin even strokes. If you apply the bond too heavily, it will show through and not look natural. Applying Liquid Gold too heavily will not make the bond any stronger or last any longer.

Directions for Wefted Bonding: Shampoo hair with Liquid Gold pre-bonding shampoo. Rinse with warm water and repeat. (Remember, do not apply any conditioners until bonding is completed) Towel blot and blow dry hair. Make sure hair is tangle free. It is important for hair to be completely oil free and dry prior to bonding. Part hair where weft is to be placed. Always start at nape of neck and work upward. Apply Liquid Gold to weft with thin even strokes. Apply Liquid Gold to client's hair close to scalp. Allow bond to become tacky. Place the weft hair onto the client's hair with fingers and press weft hair into the client's hair. You may choose to heat seal your bonded wefts. This step is optional, but may provide a stronger, longer hold. Lay a warm curling iron across the weft with slight pressure. To avoid accidental scalp burns, place a comb between the curling iron and your client's scalp. (Tip: to reinforce the weft use a weaving needle and thread to stitch over the bonded weave. This is especially helpful for keeping the ends of the weft from coming loose prematurely.)

Braiding with Liquid Gold: Extension braids on short hair often come loose due to the natural hair being to short to anchor the extension hair. To prevent this, follow the instructions for bond fusion. This will grip the extension hair firmly until it is ready to be removed. Remember to use your remover for take down.

You can also use Liquid Gold to seal the ends of the braids instead of burning them with a flame. Put a small amount of Liquid Gold on the ends of each braid. Allow to dry, then seal them with a heat clamp. This method eliminates the look of burnt discoloration on the extension hair which can look especially unnatural on lighter hair. This method can also be used to seal human hair microbraids.

Three Common Mistakes with Liquid Gold: 1.Do not put any conditioners in the hair prior to bonding. 2.Apply Liquid Gold to both the weft (extension hair) and to the client's natural hair. 3.Do not bond to the scalp. This is unhealthy and will not stay because the scalp produces natural oils that will weaken the bond.

Caring for Liquid Gold Extensions: 1.Do not apply oil based products directly to the weave area. Although Liquid Gold is more oil resistant than other bonding products, it is not completely resistant to oils. 2.When the client combs or brushes their hair, they should place their hand on, or just below, the bond in order to relieve any stress from the bonded area.

How to remove Liquid Gold: Liquid Gold Bond Remover is really a bond dissolver. It will not harm the hair or cause scalp discomfort. Apply the remover to the bonded area. Apply heat to the bonded area for about 3-5 seconds, the same way that you did when bonding the hair in. The bond will dissolve on contact with heat. The added hair will come loose easily and most (if not all) of the bonding glue will come off with the extension hair. If any of the bond does remain on the natural hair, it will comb out easily with a fine tooth comb. You can also remove the added hair without heat, but it will take about 3-4 minutes for the bond to dissolve.

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