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"Egalitarian scholarship is burgeoning at an incredible rate.What is even more remarkable is that this scholarship iscoming from almost every corner of the church. Even criticsof the egalitarian position note this phenomenon. ThomasR. Schreiner writes this in the Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood: 'Sometimes I wonder if egalitarians hopeto triumph in the debate on the role of women by publishingbook after book on the subject. Each work propounds anew thesis that explains why the traditional interpretationis flawed. Complementarians could easily give in fromsheer exhaustion, thinking that so many books written bysuch a diversity of authors could scarcely be wrong.'As Schreiner astutely notes, Christians from diverse traditionsare embracing the egalitarian cause and coming tothe same conclusion. Is this not the definition of a reformistmovement? Historians suggest that the church is alwaysreforming itself. That is, the church is always returning toits foundational core and biblical moorings to inform itsteachings on life and faith..." Want to receive the latest CBE journals? Become a member or subscriber today!


  • "Melchizedek and the Universality of the Gospel" by Catherine Clark Kroeger 
  • "The Issue I Can't Evade" by Gilbert Bilezikian
  • "A Woman's Work" by Brenda Griffin Warren
  • "Tracing the Trajectory of the Spirit" by Glen G. Scorgie
  • "A Female Apostle" by Dennis J. Preato 
  • "Female Subordination: Challenge 7" by Gilbert Bilezikian
  • "Book Review: The Trinity and Subordinationism" reviewed by Kim Pettit
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