UK 59 7.62x54R Parts Set - Grade BPart #VZ-59KITB

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UK 59 7.62X54R CZ BRNO MACHINE GUN PARTS SET UK 59 is a gas operated, belt fed machine gun. It uses underbarrel gas piston that operates the bolt carrier with tilting bolt, that locks into the receiver. The UK 59 fires 7.62x54R ammunition and employs the straight feed. The cartridge is fed straight forward from the belt pocket and into the chamber. To achieve this, the UK 59 uses non-disintegrating 50 rounds metallic belt with open cartridge pockets. The 50-round belts can be connected to one another to form continuous belts up to 250 rounds. Each kit includes one 50-round belt. May be missing small parts. Stock and parts show wear. SERIAL NUMBERS ARE NOT MATCHING.

This item is SOLD OUT and DISCONTINUED. Backorders are NOT being accepted.

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