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Includes (1) Arc Single plus (3) H2 Single Units Suspension straps and resistance bands NOT included
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The Hammer Head Anchor Gym is a wall mounted, modular resistance band training station that was developed to give sports, fitness and rehabilitative professionals the ability to utilize all types of resistance bands, suspension straps, large loop bands, Rotational Bodyweight Trainers™, and stretch straps to their full potential. The Hammer Head Anchor Gym HYBRID combines the CORE with the ARC into one highly effective hybrid package. This gives the user the added benefit of having an anchor (at approximately seven feet) that is twelve inches from the wall. It makes both suspension and resistance band exercises more effective. Perfect for physical therapy offices, small commercial gyms and home gyms!

The Hammer Head Anchor Gym HYBRID is a four-component modular system that can be configured for multiple users. In its basic configuration of a vertical stack, the HYBRID is designed for one or two users comfortably. By mounting each of the four components (three H2 Single Units and one Arc Single Unit) in separate locations, the HYBRID can accommodate up to four users exercising simultaneously! No other piece of gym equipment offers the versatility, effectiveness and value of the Hammer Head Anchor Gym resistance band station (RBS) system.

The Hammer Head Anchor Gym Advantage:

  • Anchors all types of resistance bands, suspension straps, large loop bands and stretch straps
  • Platform for four major training protocols:
    • Resistance Band Training
    • Suspension Band Training
    • Large Loop Band Training
    • Dynamic Stretching
  • Delivers hundreds of exercise options
  • Easy-to-use
  • Fast and easy transitions
  • Wall mounted space saving design - takes up zero floor space
  • Rock solid, heavy-duty construction with no moving parts - which means there is nothing to break or adjust!

Anchoring Points: With seven different anchoring point angles in a single column, from ankle height to above the head, the Hammer Head Anchor Gym HYBRID allows users to perform hundreds of resistance band and suspension exercises, and dozens of dynamic stretches. The Hammer Head Anchor Gym’s anchoring system is a versatile platform that gives fitness and therapeutic professionals a powerful set of tools on the training floor.

Hammer Head Safety Hook: The Hammer Head Anchor Gym HYBRID features the Hammer Head Safety Hook. With its t-bar barrier tip, the hook allows bands and straps to be pulled from every angle without the possibility of disengaging. Users can exercise with confidence that their bands and straps are securely anchored. The hooks’ rounded shape was designed for fast, easy and smooth transitions. The neck of the hook is reinforced for added strength to accommodate “extra heavy” resistance bands, suspension straps and stretch straps. There are a total of 9 Hammer Head Safety Hooks – two on each H2 Single Unit and three on the Arc Single Unit. Made of all steel components, the Hammer Head Anchor Gym is a space saving powerhouse capable of supporting up to 300 lbs. of resistance!

Resistance Bands: The Hammer Head Anchor Gym HYBRID can be used with all types of resistance bands. Personal trainers can use medium to heavy bands to perform core crunching trunk rotations, chops and presses. With nine anchoring angles, therapists can use the HYBRID for a wide range of therapeutic exercises that, heretofore, were not possible. With the Hammer Head Anchor Gym, it's as simple as looping a band over a "Hammer Head Safety Hook" and pulling. Finally, the days of attaching bands to everything and anything are over.

Click here to view the Hammer Head Anchor Gym Exercise Poster (included with purchase)

Hammer Head Anchor Gym ARC (Upper Unit) specifications:

  • Includes (1) Arc Single Unit
  • Three Hammer Head Safety Hooks
  • 17.5-inches wide with a faceplate that measures 4-inches in height
  • Weight 7 lbs
  • Extends 12.5-inches from the wall (at the middle hook)
  • Side hooks positioned 7.5-inches from the wall
  • Mounting plates are 1.5-inches wide and 6.5-inches tall

H2 Single Units (Lower Units) specifications:

  • Includes (3) H2 Single Units
  • Two Hammer Head Safety Hooks per unit
  • 11.5-inches tall, 2.5-inches wide per unit
  • Weight 2 lbs per unit
  • Extends 3-inches from the wall (including hooks)
  • All Hammer Head Anchor Gym configurations, H2 Single Unit, and the Arc Single Unit are MADE IN THE USA

Anchoring and Threading Bands: With a total of 9 Hammer Head Safety Hooks spread over four components, the Hammer Head Anchor Gym HYBRID provides numerous options for anchoring resistance bands, suspension straps and stretch straps.

To reduce the length and tension of a resistance band, a user simply anchors the band on one hook and threads it through a second hook. The same applies to suspension or stretch straps.

For most exercises, especially those without vigorous dynamic movements, it is sufficient to simply loop the band over the hook. To increase safety, the user has the option of wrapping the band around the hook. This will form a closed loop around the hook providing a secure and safe anchor. Wrapping is recommended when performing vigorous dynamic exercises or exercises that require upward pulls or presses.

NOTE: The Hammer Head Anchor Gym HYBRID is designed for use with rubber or latex resistance bands, and suspension and stretch straps made from cotton, nylon or polypropylene. Do not fasten resistance bands with metal clip hooks or other hooks made of hard materials (e.g. carabiners) onto the Hammer Head Safety Hooks. This has the potential to damage the powder coating on the hooks and cause premature wear.

Spring clips, carabiners and other types of metal clip hooks can be used with the Hammer Head D-Ring Attachment (optional).

Click here to view the Hammer Head Anchor Gym Owner’s Manual, Warranty, and Installation Instructions

Installation: Includes hardware for most standard installations. The Hammer Head Anchor Gym is mounted to load bearing wall-studs using wood lag screws (supplied) or is mounted to concrete or block walls using anchor sleeve bolts (optional, please specify upon ordering). It is recommended to hire a professional to ensure proper installation to wall.

Lifetime Guarantee Core Energy Fitness provides a Lifetime Guarantee on all three configurations of the Hammer Head Anchor Gym, the H2 Single Unit and the Arc Single Unit. Core Energy Fitness will replace the units if found to be defective or are damaged during normal use. The Lifetime Guarantee is effective for the original purchaser only and is not transferable.

Click here to view full Core Energy Fitness Guarantee & Warranty details

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