Onmyoji (Special Edition) Starring Mansai Nomura, Hideaki Itô, Hiroyuki Sanada and Eriko Imai (2003) (DVD)

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In a time when demons and ghosts threaten to bring total devastation to a powerful kingdom, betrayal from within the powerful ranks of the ruling emperor threatens to bring an entire civilization to its knees in this supernaturally charged martial arts epic from director Yojiro Takita. As dark forces hold a suffocating grip on a once powerful kingdom during the Heian period, the emperor employs the help of the Onmyoji in keeping the malevolent spirits at bay. Though the coming birth of the emperor's heir offers a glimmer of hope for the kingdom's future, an intimate betrayal leaves the fate of the kingdom in the hands of Seimei (Mansai Nomura) -- the most powerful of the Onmyoji. As Seimei prepares to do battle with his former master Doson (Hiroyuki Sanada), the powers of lightness and dark come together for a battle that will determine the fate for generations to come. Condition:NEW. Brand New Factory Sealed SCENE INDEX Side #1 -- 1. Opening [3:51] 2. Abe No Seimei [5:26] 3. Hiromasa's Request [4:38] 4. Spell [4:50] 5. Doson's Plot [5:45] 6. Lady Aone [5:05] 7. Evil Spirit [8:43] 8. Love [5:19] 9. Arrest of Seimei [5:27] 10. Prince Sawara [6:36] 11. Heart of Demon [3:06] 12. Holy Barrier [7:57] 13. Sound of Flute [6:12] 14. Shogun Mound [5:19] 15. The Guardians [6:45] 16. Hiromasa Vs Doson [5:24] 17. Saving Hiromasa [5:47] 18. Together Forever [5:47] 19. Final Battle [10:13] 20. Ending [4:08] DVD MENU Side #1 -- Play Set Up Language: Japanese 5.1 Language: English 5.1 Subtitles: On Subtitles: Off Scenes Extras Making of Onmyoji Interviews Special Ending Trailers Announcements: 1 Announcements: 2 Theatrical Trailers: 1 Theatrical Trailers: 2 TV Spots: 15 Sec TV Spots: 30 Sec Filmographies Mansai Nomura - Abe No Seimei Hideaki Ito - Hiromasa Hiroyuki Sanada - Doson Kyoko Koizumi - Aone Eriko Imai - Mitsumushi Yojiro Takita - Director DVD Credits

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