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Developed By Eric Salas for Pure Paws, They naturally put back what has been stripped of the hair from poor nutrition and the environment. One type is for all non-whte dogs and one is for white dogs.
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All Breed Texture Crystals Texture Crystals are derived from many minerals. They naturally put back what has been stripped of the hair from poor nutrition and the environment. The Texture Crystals will return the hair to its correct genetic state as opposed to artificial enhancements. Texture Crystals will produce stiff wirehair if the genetics are as such. For example if applied to a Wire Fox Terrier the coat will feel stiff and very hard to the touch. If applied to a Havanese or Powder Puff you will not have the same effect. The last two breeds do not possess the genetic qualities of a heavy textured coat. You will see better depth of color, shine, and more manageability. The benefit on a Poodle or Bichon will be stronger hair with more body for creating plush coats. For best results sprinkle in hair, brush into coat with a Boar or Horsehair style brush. Use on all color coats. Crystals will disappear as brushed into coat. For the softest finest hair to the harshest wire coat. Great on coats that need scissor work as this is a fine powder.

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