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DeLuca Fuel Systems New CNG (compressed natural gas) Kit
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“The Fuel Stretcher” is a device that allows the use of supplemental propane or compressed natural gas on turbodiesel engines.  When propane or cng is injected into the air intake of a turbodiesel, it reduces the amount of diesel fuel necessary to produce the needed power.  It is basically substituting propane or cng for some of the diesel fuel.  This is also called fumigation.  The engine must always use some diesel fuel, because the diesel fuel ignites the gas.  The Fuel Stretcher allows the user to adjust the amount of gas consumed from very little to approximately two to three gallons of gas to every gallon of diesel fuel.  This can amount to a substantial reduction of the operating cost per mile.  The gas also increases the power output of the engine.  Another side benefit is much lower emissions and less lubricating oil contamination.

          The Fuel Stretcher comes as a complete kit with easy to follow instructions for installation.  The only additional item you need is a propane or cng tank.

Theory of Operation

      No gas is used when the engine is idling.  A hose is connected from the regulator to the air intake between the air cleaner and the turbo.  When the engine load increases, the turbo creates an increasing vacuum in the air pipe.  This vacuum activates the propane regulator to begin supplying fuel.  As the engine load continues to increase, the vacuum continues to increase, causing the regulator to supply more and more gas.  A flow control valve in the fuel vapor line controls the overall fuel curve.  A dash mounted switch turns the unit on and off, and it also turns on and off with the ignition switch.  The unit draws liquid propane from the tank to eliminate pressure loss due to evaporation within the tank.  Consequently, the unit is water heated and is connected in series with the heater core.  The kit includes all necessary hoses and hardware to make this connection. 

Operation on a GM Duramax has given as much as 60 miles per gallon of diesel fuel.  At this consumption rate, the propane consumption was approximately 20 miles per gallon.  Another great benefit is that it will add up to 100 rear wheel horsepower. 

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